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This is the second in the series of short posts on relationships. If you have not read the first you will find a link below this post.

The stock line of women, “All men are the same (sometimes dogs is used)” makes me want to burst out laughing whenever I hear this, I mean the ridiculousness of it.

Then there are the guys who think its their job to over compensate for their predecessors. I for one do not agree with this. No partner should ever have to serve penance for another. Be who you are and if it’s not enough tell her to take a running jump off a cliff (obviously not condoning suicide push her if she really needs a hand). Needless to say I was joking if you don’t have a sense of humor well there is nothing I can do for you. Why is it men always have to put up with what the guy before did? We didn’t do it! Can I live? Also if you’re a man doing this to a woman you are no better shame on you.

This needs to end. When two people meet it’s a clean slate any wrong suffered at the hands of someone else needs to be deposited in a incinerator, spread the ashes after if you have nothing better to do. In short let it burn and keep it moving. Focus on the person who is focusing on you. Try to make the best of your current situation if you decide to see someone else. Even before this happens try to take sometime for yourself to heal. No good ever came from rushing into something carry the hurt of the past. Let it breathe for a minute. Not all men are the same and sometimes it’s your taste in men that is leaving you with similar results.

Too many times I hear it from women that they want a man that is a challenge not one that is just going to be diplomatic. Every time I shake my head and ask what is so attractive about drama? The laid back gentle guys are what you try to change the challenging men into surely that is a waste of time and resources when you can have what you really want if you were willing to work with the guy who is not going to give you drama. Work smarter not harder ladies and stop calling us “The same” and you might just get somewhere.



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