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Let us look at the very start before it even becomes a relationship. Yes that’s right lets look at the first date. So fate has conspired to bring you two wonderful people together. Now you get your first chance to put your best foot forward and cement a place, as the number one contender for your prospective partner’s heart. This is no small task because many have fallen at the first hurdle and you definitely are in it to win it. If you are a man it is very likely you will have to choose a suitable activity which is:

  1. Practical
  2. Showing some effort has gone into planning
  3. Going to allow you plenty of opportunities to prove you are worthy of future dates

So you rattle your brain to come up with a series of cliche locations which are tasteful and do not give the impression of trying too hard (Yes seeming too eager is not an attractive quality). It would be lovely if we could all take our date on a helicopter tour of the city skyline but this isn’t made in Chelsea we are not built like that. Also what if she isn’t worth the effort? It is always best to keep the venue fairly low key nothing that you both can’t walk away from without any awkwardness. So going to dinner, cinema and even for drinks is perfectly acceptable. However, if you want to appear to have put a bit more thought into your date choose an activity (they will need to agree of course) this is also a good way to pick up on the cues of how active your date is. So activities such as skating, swimming, playing pool etc are not bad for first dates.

Now that has been settled you need to remember a few key things that will score you points automatically. Apologies if you are a professional at getting through first dates but it is amazing how many people forget to do the basics. This list is non-exhaustive of course:

  • Arrive early or at least on time (being late for a first date is never a good sign it says you don’t think the other person is worth the effort)
  • Switch your phone off OR turn it on silent (however, if it does ring loud because you forgot answer the phone as not answering raises suspicion)
  • Never under dress (dress up not down if you are unsure but never turn up under dressed)
  • Do not turn up with questionable hygiene (this should be obvious it is going to give off a very bad impression)
  • Open doors, get their coat and tuck in chairs etc. Be very polite (good manners says you appreciate the person and they will/should notice the effort)
  • Keep the conversation tasteful do not talk about yourself too much either (your date will most likely be more attracted to you if you do not make everything about the physical)
  • Always offer to pay (if the other person declines or insists they pay offer to go dutch, anything less than this says you are cheap)
  • Offer to see your date home (they may or may not accept but it says you are thoughtful and care about their well-being)

If you do all these simple things chances are you will not be named the weakest link and will go on to bigger and better dates. If there are any other pointers out there readers would like to pass on by all means leave a comment trail for the other readers to see. As always I am open to feedback if you have any for me.

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