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Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Guaranteed medical haze for the next few days

Internalising my pain zombifying my brain

Dreams of frying chicken in the rain

And jerking fish on a plane

Things just make no sense

Drooling blood was intense

My pillow case was red

Sensation in my jaw was dead

My speech was slurred

As well as my vision being blurred

It was a struggle to hear every single word

Mouth filled with gauze

To slow the bleeding is its cause

If I keep rinsing with saline

In time i’m sure I will feel fine

Not being able to eat hot food

Really puts me in a bad mood

Having to drink from a straw

Makes me feel so flawed

Watching everyone else eat normally

Leaves me in awe

I see things in slow motion

As I motion slowly towards my medication

Drowsiness ensues and sleep is my final destination

You think this is fun?

This is only day one!

About Jay Mullings

London born, Jamaican bred, Jay Mullings is a talented and versatile writer. Jay keeps busy by running Written Mirror day to day. Jay’s screenplays are doing very well on the indie film festival scene and he is currently looking for representation from a Manager/Agent.

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