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What I Am Grateful For

This article is about what I am grateful for. Identifying them helps me intensify the focus on my writing. It fortifies my confidence and assists me in being a better all round person. As always this applies to other walks of life, but as a writer I create posts, which first of all serve my craft.

As a writer there are times when your focus is narrowed to just the craft. What I mean by that is, we fixate over quantity/quality of pages, time logged writing, awards, agents, money and maybe even fame/validation. It is essential to realize there are things outside of writing that are also important. Without them you may find yourself in serious trouble and your motivation as a result may wane.

A List Of What I Am Grateful For

  • Life
  • Improving Mental/Physical Health
  • Family/Friends
  • Godchildren
  • Sport
  • Restraint
  • Confidence


I am happy for the opportunity to give it a go each day. Tomorrow is promised to no one but I am grateful for the many tomorrows I have been granted. There is a balance between getting things done on the day and completely exhausting yourself. What’s the point of having no energy to get through tomorrow? Don’t waste days, but don’t beat yourself up to the point of struggling through the rest of the week. Failure happens and when it does you have a choice of spending your tomorrows looking back or you can get back up and look forwards.

Taken by Lawrence Walters

Improving Mental/Physical Health

When you’re surrounded by an aura of invincibility, you underestimate how significant your health is. All it takes is one injury or one sustained mental episode. Having had both it’s really important to set about the journey of getting back to 100. Don’t allow fear or myths to take hold. An injury doesn’t mean you’ll always have bad luck or you’re completely broken forever. A mental setback doesn’t mean you can’t comeback stronger than before. This is exactly why I am grateful for life and improving health. It’s a chance to improve on the days/weeks/months/years before…


Imagine if you will, a world where you are all alone. Is it fun there? It is? For how long? There are always family and friends who genuinely care and want the best for you. If not you can always make better ones…

Taken by Nathaniel Tetteh


I have 1 girl and 2 boys. It has been a pleasure being a part of their growth. Trust and a record of consistency always go into being asked to Godparent. I take that responsibility seriously and I try to set an example whilst being an ever-ready shoulder to lean on for my friends who have bestowed this honour upon me. It’s not all about money; it’s more to do with trust and love.

Taken by Nathaniel Tetteh


I say I’m grateful for sports because boy does it bring things into focus. If you’re not a natural, try playing a new sport. You will learn humility and you will also learn to appreciate those who play professionally. If it’s a team sport you’ll learn there is a world outside of the arena. Wins and losses do not define you personally.

If you support a team you’ll learn to do more in your chosen field. Whether it’s to reach the heights of victory like your team or to avoid sinking to the depths of defeat if they lose. Either way it opens your eyes to what more you can do in your own field…

Taken by Mitch Rosen


I am grateful I am not someone who is led solely by emotion. I’m not an android but I am able to process how I feel very quickly without it getting me into trouble. Not every action requires a reaction despite what science says. Restraint helps you to avoid manipulation at the hands of vindictive people.


This is one of those things you don’t really think to be grateful for. Ask yourself who are you without confidence? What poor choices might you have made? I can tell you for sure I wouldn’t be writing this right now! Confidence enhances everything you do. It makes you smile wider, stand straighter and shine brighter. It’s definitely something to be grateful for.

Taken by Steve Halama

While you’re searching for the perfect story, it is also important to search your soul to see what you are grateful for. Are you aware of how you feel at any given time? This is especially important when you’re not writing or executing your passion? There is more to any given field than the practice itself.

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