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You Don’t Deserve A Chance

This poem is called you don’t deserve a chance

It’s dedicated to all the who people who took this stance…

You Don't Deserve A Chance

Taken by Jay Mullings

Thanks for the false compliments saying how much you admire me

Claiming you’ve seen the talent but you wouldn’t hire me

Making me out to be a wildcard, I guess you didn’t see

That I can actually handle the truth, you’re scared of what inspires me

Taken by Frank Mckenna

For a while I remained silent, pretended all was well with it

Thinking if I tried hard enough I’d get through this horse s@*t

Applied for jobs I was overqualified for, even that was rigged

Wm vacancy

Taken by Sam Holt

Interviews for roles on my level and I’m questioned like the devil

I studied and I’m qualified in my profession, still I’m treated like a peasant

If my heart were different it would be filled to the brim with resent

Jay in the Mirror

Taken by Jay Mullings

So I forge my way and keep all my hopes up for the day

That I can stand tall, while they all feel small, for the insincere s@*t they would say

Like, “It was a real pleasure meeting you Jay. We’ll let you know when something else comes our way”

The months slowly change from October to May

No phone calls or any jobs that will pay

This is my real life’s story it’s not some young child’s play…

You Don't Deserve A Chance

Taken by Jay Mullings


You Don’t Deserve A Chance

Written by: Jay Mullings


Self Reassurance

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