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Forming A Worthwhile New Years Resolution

How To Hit The Ground Running Jan 1st…

The end of the year is rapidly approaching. Like many others, you’re scrambling to find the answer to the inevitable question, “What is your New Years Resolution going to be?”.

Forming A Worthwhile New Years Resolution

Annie Spratt

The answer becomes more and more difficult to formulate as you try to keep things original. Everyone has received the ‘smirk of contempt’ for trying to revive an old resolution.
That isn’t to say you can never return to an old resolution. The goal of this article is to delve into what makes a successful resolution. If at the end of this you really want to ressurect one of your past resolutions you have unfinished business with, have at it! Don’t just reach for something old because you haven’t given yourself the chance to think of something new.

Paul Morris

Things to consider for a worthy New Years Resolution?

  1. Β Make your resolution challenging enough to test you.
  2. Aim for something original that will improve your life.
  3. It is a year long pursuit but it should not be artificially lengthened.
  4. Remember to make it a fun process.
  5. Visualise the result you want and remind yourself of that image regularly.

Forming A Worthwhile New Years Resolution

Putting It All Together…

A resolution is not supposed to be flippant, but it shouldn’t be something you can change in an instant either. It also shouldn’t be such a slog that it makes you miserable. This is especially true for body transformations. Work through implementing the mindset necessary for your goal ahead of the fireworks. If you’re giving up something completely for a year try reducing its frequency steadily.
The aim should always be a resolution which works best for you. However, that isn’t to say anything is wrong with a preferance for one of the more mainstream resolutions.
If you have managed to choose a really challenging resolution, there is always a chance that your motivation might wane. This is natural and at times unavoidable. However, visualising the desired outcome is the cure for resolution based malaise.

Making it Stick…

The fun in the process is what makes it most worthwhile. In my own experience the progress I saw when I promised not to shave my beard until I had won another writing award. While my beard grew, my writing improved. When I finally won an award around March, I doubled down and pushed myself to finish the entire year without shaving. I also added the challenge of winning the most awards I have ever won in a single year. The photos, awards, and looks of outright shock from friends and family (some beard insults were repeated ad nauseam) were all very worth it.

I could stand tall in any room knowing I was a more formidable version of myself with every passing day.

I say all of this to say that; the best resolutions set a foundation for improvement long after that particular year ends.

Awards & Accreditations

Speaking of the year ending, it is entirely likely that this is the final article of the year. It is the holidays and time for friends and family. I wish you all a fulfilling holiday season, good luck with your resolutions and see you in 2018.