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Success Induced Anxiety

The unwanted side effect of success…

Written Mirror has always and will always be about positivity. In addition to that, Written Mirror is also about reaping the rewards of meticulous preparation.

If you’ve put in the work, then, you most definitely deserve the rewards that follow.


Even after saying this, it sometimes feels like there has been, “Some kind of mistake”. You take on this feeling that you are unworthy or there has to be someone better. This is totally natural. You are not alone and it does get better over time.

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Is There A Cure?

How can I improve my reaction to success? There is no single best way or one size fits all answer. However, the Written Mirror method (Ought to trade mark this :D) is to take that energy into your work. Being able to analyse yourself with the same distance you do when you doubt your success, is a much more efficient use of this energy.

Self dialogue can be healthy. If you can reconcile with yourself; everyone else is a lot easier. – JM

All of a sudden your mindset changes from why me to why not me? You’ve accurately (somewhat) evaluated all your potential weaknesses and you’ve done the best job you can do. Your success, is therefore not only increasingly likely it is also highly justified.

Success Induced Anxiety WML

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Self Awareness…

We all have internal voices of doubt and some of us also have rituals of self loathing.

It’s about identifying these voices and vices. Finding the best use for that energy and those resources is the key to longterm happiness and increased comfort with the rewards of your hard/smart work.

If these questions of your worth pop into your head. The answer is to simply visualise all the correct/ingenious steps you’ve taken to produce the work you did. If there is a detail you missed and you can correct it great! It’s set in stone and now too late; you’ve already grown from this ability to objectively survey your work.

If you can identify weaknesses in your work, you can build on them going forwards. That is exactly why you’re rewarded and celebrated the way you are.

Special people are capable of seeing their imperfections, building on their weaknesses and embracing the things they can’t change. It’s not that they never have doubts, it’s increasingly obvious that they channel these doubts and use them to propel them to excellence.

Success Induced Anxiety

Credit: Kelly Sikkema

Close To Home…

It wasn’t in comparison with other peers or professionals. It was an individual thing. Sometimes you take on the outside doubts and internalise them at the exact moment you’ve proven them wrong by prevailing. Being aware of it helps in everything you put your hands on going forwards. You come into your own and your stardust fuels your future successes. Now go out with your head held high, you deserve every reward and accolade your name is attached to! Embrace your success…

This article came about from personal experience with acolades and success. Just this past week Written Mirror has been nominated for the 2018 UK Blog Awards.


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