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Written Mirror nominated in two categories at the 2018 UK Blog awards, namely: Lifestyle as well as PR, Media Marketing & Communications.

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The content within the Written Mirror blog, has so far been well received. This positive feedback has culminated in an important nomination for both best Life and best PR, Media Marketing & Communications blog. This Β is all thanks to the kind support of our readers and that’s why it is your voice that needs to be heard. Written Mirror needs your support more than ever if it is to take home an award in any of the aforementioned Β categories. For just a minute of your time, you can play an even more integral part in making this happen. Here’s how…

We Need Your Vote!

If you have enjoyed the content here at Written Mirror prior, please vote using the link provided. If you’re new to the content and would like to see more, your vote is equally as important. Please don’t hesitate we really need your votes now! Here is the web address to the 2018 UK Blog Awards where you will be able to vote directly for Written Mirror.


Vote for Written Mirror https://www.blogawardsuk.co.uk/ukba2018/entries/written-mirror

Vote for Written Mirror https://www.blogawardsuk.co.uk/ukba2018/entries/written-mirror

Additionally, kindly share the link with your friends as their votes will also make a difference. For all the social media butterflies amongst us, here are images for you to share on social media. Feel free to tag Written Mirror on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Grateful For Your Support

Sharing parts of ones self is never easy. However, for each person who has silently read an article, shared it with a friend, followed the Apple News Channel or left a comment. You need to know how appreciated your support is. By graciously giving what might seem such a small and trivial thing you have shown the very best of yourselves. You give out positive energy because it’s what you do! Please help to bring this award home to Written Mirror where it belongs…