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Breaking The Silence

Written Mirror Ltd

Greetings and salutations to both new and returning readers! Welcome to Written Mirror, apologies for the silence.

The Year So Far…

After barely having enough time to blink twice, a quarter of the year has nearly been completed. Where are we in relation to the goals we set for ourselves? Is the new years resolution in tact? Let’s chop it up!

Breaking The Silence - WM

Looks just like Sino!

How Has Written Mirror’s Year Been Going?

It’s been a slower than planned start to the year for multiple reasons outside of our control. The Thought Book II has been delayed after significant differences in approach with the design team. That was a disapointing blow as the book has been ready for some time but the visual presentation just wasn’t matching the required level.

Something had to give, and while it was a touch anticlimactic, it’s better to leave things as they were, than force through a release and not be 100% happy. Good riddance to bad rubbish in short! – JM

Breaking The Silence

Bye Felicia!

What Does That Mean For The Rest of 2018?

Funnily enough, it means very little. It’s the end of the first quarter and we’re down by 15. I’ve personally seen my heroes turn it around with way less time on their hands. 3/4 of the year left to get the job done! Instead of spacing things out, by sheer necessity, things are going to be condensed. It really is a great time to get on board (waves at new readers and smiles enthusiastically) and support Written Mirror.

Breaking The Silence

Your support will help me break through my shell…

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Yeah, about that! It’s hard out here! It really is! Don’t roll your eyes at me! Okay I have a few things coming your way. The Thought Book II when it’s ready I’ll arrange a pre-order, a top secret collaborative project which, shows a different side to the Written Mirror repertoire. It’s not just my schedule this needs to fit into, so once again; your patience is greatly appreciated.

The Written Mirror T-shirts and Hoodies I have been asked about so many times, I promise I have been looking into this, I may even share a mock up to prove it (I Will). Again a preorder scenario will be made available ahead of launch. You can pick your t-shirt colours and sizes etc. I personally recommend it in Black and White πŸ™‚

There will be opportunities to win giveaway prizes. Your support is definitely appreciated and it is important to continue showing the love is mutual.

Breaking The Silence

This is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill!

There is still hope for funding to bring feature length Drama/Action/Thriller ‘Feminunity’ to life, although that’s one of those things which is beyond my control. You can still sign the petition and share it far and wide. It’s hard to argue with the will of 100000 people. Add your signature or sign annonymously here.

Snapchat and/or YouTube

I have also been encouraged, rather vociferously I’d like to add, to get my behind onto YouTube and Snapchat! I’m sufficiently scared so I think I’ll flip a coin until I get the choice I’d prefer. In other words you can put money on it NOT being Snapchat. Then again, there’s always hope. If enough people mistake me for Michael Dappah, it just might work out!

In anticipation of my impending arrival on YouTube here’s the official Written Mirror intro video! Please like and subscribe πŸ™‚

Can You Really Maintain All of This?

Well, a close friend of mine (Maximum respect due!) shared a very resonant clip from the late, great David Bowie. Some of this might be paraphrased slightly.

Never work for other people at what you do! Always remember that the reason you initially started working, was that there was something inside yourself that you felt, if you could manifest it in some way, you would understand more about yourself and how you coexist with the rest of society. I think it’s terribly dangerous for an artist to fulfil other people’s expectations. They generally produce their worst work when they do that. If you feel safe in the area that you’re working in, you’re not working in the right area. Always go a little further into the into water than you feel capable of being in. Go a little bit out of your depth and when you don’t feel that your feet are quite touching the bottom, you’re just about in the right place to do something really exciting… – David Bowie


Breaking The Silence - WM

The Icon! Thank You!


Swimming Lessons?

No, I’m just going to jump in and play a game of sink or swim! If the icon can sum it up so eloquently, who am I not to continue to trust this path I began on in 2012…

Why fear the waves when you’re wavy?

I will continue to ignore the wrong advice in search of the one true key to unlock the door. Water will always beat rock, because it is persistent and formless. A rock looses its will to fight against this type of opponent eventually. Water doesn’t forget, it continues to widen the path to enlightenment in case the rock forgets the water’s true purpose…

Water will always overcome rock…

A Recommitment To The Resolution

True passion for storytelling is rare. The kinds of people who hold up a mirror to the lows of the world as much as they do for the highs are practitioners of balance. Not content to flood the scene in euphoria when there are literal fires being ignored and people being left behind. – JM

If I can stick to my task, then so can you! If you can do what you set out to do at the start of the year, so can I! Let’s inspire each other to get all we can from 2018. Let’s also inspire others along the way where possible. Pay it forward and share your blessings for the benefit of other people. The camera doesn’t have to be rolling; you can always do it quietly. Especially, if like me, you prefer to remain out of the mix.

Document Your Journey

Keep a record of what is working and what isn’t. There’s no use in giving up at the first sign of trouble, keep at it and analyze what you can improve on. Break the silence, raise your head up and see how others on the same mission as you are doing.Β Perspective is important in all things…

Virtual Social Media is coming soon…

Interact With Written Mirror

The party never stops! Let’s keep it going! Tag Written Mirror in the funny things you see online, bring us in. New books, new looks and new food! Whatever is making you happy or inspiring you, feel free to include Written Mirror. For Instagram and Twitter it’s @writtenmirror. Thanks for making it Written Mirror and enjoy the holidays!

About Jay Mullings

London born and Jamaican bred, Jay Mullings is a very well rounded writer. Having grown in stature as a Screenwriter winning over 25 awards (Tree House, Feminunity, The Boys Are Back and more) in both the Television and Film categories. Jay is also a very capable but shy poet, a willing blogger, and engaging sports, music, PR and travel writer. Jay cares about his craft and has been on a personal mission to inspire others in their pursuit of their own passions through the use of Written Mirror. The Thought Book was his debut offering and the second book in the series is due for a 2018 release.