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Hype or Alright? This Seasons Most Talked About Films

Home runs or wild misses?

Welcome back to Written Mirror

This week we are looking at the most talked about films from this season. A combination of the films which have recently been released and the Oscar winning/nominated pictures. Have no fear, there will be no spoilers here…

This post however, will require your help. Some of these films have remained unseen by WM so far. If anyone has seen some, most or all of them; feel free to mention @writtenmirror on twitter with a brief yay or nay, followed by the score out of ten…

The Shape of Water (2017)

I have to be honest, I have not seen this one. In my head, I said, “First of all water has no shape!”. Petty I know, not my finest moment, but, I’m working on it. Guillermo del Toro is a hell of a filmmaker, so I am certain this is worth a punt and I’ll be paying this “Best Picture” Oscar winner, the respect it/he deserves. For audiophiles amongst us, this film also captured Best Original Score…

Hype or Alright? This Seasons Most Talked About Films

Darkest Hour (2017)

Gary Oldman wears fat suit? Technically not a spoiler. I have seen this movie and whilst wildly historically inaccurate, Gary was always due a gift for all the times he missed out. I think this was it. Gary received the gong for Best Actor. It should come as no surprise that DH also picked up Best Makeup.This movie exists purely to mop up awards. See it if you like, don’t if you want an accurate/insightful portrayal of Winston Churchill. That aside, it was an enjoyable watch with a chance to play, “I know him/her” with the cast…

Hype or Alright? This Seasons Most Talked About Films

See what I mean about the awards?

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)

Two words… Any good? I haven’t seen it, but, I have seen the infamous speech Frances McDormand (Best Actress) gave. Still, I need somone who has seen it to shoot a signal flare in the air if it’s really all that.

Hype or Alright? This Seasons Most Talked About FilmsIcarus (2017)

This one is on the must see list. A documentary about doping in sports? I’m sold! Winner of Best Documentary Feature, it’s even available on Netflix! Win! Have something delicious to eat, grab a refreshing beverage and let the juicing discovery unfold. This might be the most interested I’ve been in a documentary since Fire in Babylon (2010) do see that one too, it’s about the greatest team (not up for debate) to ever walk the earth.

Hype or Alright? This Seasons Most Talked About Films

Dear Basketball (2017)

Kobe! Known for taking over games late and closing them out. Kobe took the end of his career and shot a fadeaway straight into the Oscars net. 6 minutes of animation and a nice segway into what might end up being a second career for the black mamba. Definitely worth seeing and supporting. It should be available to watch on the internet (American readers it’s easy for you go on go90.com). Everywhere else has to wait it looks like. I have seen it before, so perhaps check twitter?

Hype or Alright? This Seasons Most Talked About Films

Mamba in…

Get Out (2017)

This movie has gone on to do quite well for itself and it’s carved out yet a historic accolade in the process. Best Original Screenplay at the Oscars is no small fete. If you haven’t seen it then ‘Get Out’ and do so! Or you could rent it online or buy the home release.

Hype or Alright? This Seasons Most Talked About Films

Looks like a West Ham supporter having a go at the board… Too soon?

Mudbound (2017)

A superb film, very well shot, casted and executed. I was recommended this by a good friend and it didn’t dissapoint. So now I can safely do the same for you. It is available on Netflix. Mary J. Blige, I see you! Jason Mitchell is someone I expect to see bigger and greater things from as he continues to grow from project to project.

This is one hell of a movie…

Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

The Best Visual Effects Oscar winning Blade Runner 2049. I definitely want to see this. However, before that, I need to rewatch the first movie. Perhaps the back to back screening in central London, (Prince Charles’ Cinema) is what the doctor ordered. Set aside at least 6 hours of your day…

Dunkirk (2017)

If that Inception gong appears anyway in this film, I’m out! Aside from that, I’m willing to check it out, especially as Nolan is definitely one of the best to sit in the Directors chair…

Black Panther (2018)

Hype or Alright? This Seasons Most Talked About Films

You know what is behind this door…

Yes of course! This one should be seen by everyone. I know a few people who have been at least twice and others even more. Don’t be the only person to sit this one out. Get up and get in the game… The costumes, technology, accents and cast will all entertain the socks off of you. Take your children with you too. Get involved in the various challenges online, that is if you can recite the dialogue without any hiccups. Most of all, Marvel at different type of super hero movie…

Written Mirror Ltd

Mute (2018)

Everything I have heard about this film has been unanimously bad. The title and the premise, well, I’m already pretty uninspired. The trailer? Everything is pointing me back to Altered Carbon before I ever watch this. Does anyone have a good thing to say about this film? If so please let me know…

That’s a whole lot of Duncan Jones!

Red Sparrow (2018)

As soon as I read the premise and saw the trailer, I thought this is the new Hitman game but with Jennifer Lawrence. That and hasn’t this already been done with Salt?

The reviews are unpleasant so far and after rewatching the trailer, this would really might worked more as a video game than as a movie. However, with the calibre of cast it had available, it is a real shame that this seems destined to go the Assasins Creed movie route. By that I mean being so painfully inadequate no one will even mention it anytime soon after the cinematic release ends.

Hype or Alright? This Seasons Most Talked About FilmsA Wrinkle In Time (2018)

Adapted from the 1962 novel from Madeleine L’Engle. A coming of age live action disney tale with a diverse cast? You have my attention! Oprah is the name that jumps off the page in a stellar cast. This has slotted into the #2 spot behind the Black Panther in the US box office. It seems like fun for the whole family and especially for little girls. If anyone has seen the movie already be sure to let me know what you think.

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