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The Danger of Humility:

Why Common Courtesy Attracts Exploitation

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Welcome to Written Mirror

As always, it’s great to have you here. Shout out to the returning ‘Mirror Heads’ (It’s a work in progress and subject to change, go with it for now…)! For the first timers; I promise to be gentle…

The Danger of Humility

Me levelling up on my birthday…

Back From The Great Beyond

After a break of exactly one month, Written Mirror has returned. Well, to be honest, returned to the Written Mirror Apple News Channel and the Written Mirror website.

The Danger of Humility

Beam me up…

I have been very active and visible on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram to name a few places. So if you have taken my advice and followed, you’d have seen me live on Instagram, my interview on YouTube and my very random but fun antics on Twitter to say the least…

I Needed To Step Away Because I Was Fresh Out of Content

If you believe that then you’re a fool! *Mr T voice* You actually thought that?

As a great London based philosopher once said, “Them man might run of out bars, I can’t run out of bars!” – Chip

I stepped away to reassess things. Two things I wanted above all, clarity and a little distance. I had lots of content to share and I chose to take some time and really evaluate my voice, my delivery and to create what is going to eventually become a true content schedule. Stick a pin in that, we will get to that in full another time. Without further ado…

The Danger of Humility

Proceed with caution, extremely hot take ahead…

Today’s Topic: The Danger of Humility

Part of the reason I also took a step back, was to really understand some of the resistance I have personally faced since I began my journey as a Writer and on a wider scale my journey as an adult.
I have always stated that I am, “A warrior not a worrier” and for the most part that applies to me daily. However, whilst on my break, I began to ponder the future. I wondered as attention spans are shortening and the cultural bar is constantly lowered what will it be like for the next person who tries to traverse this path? That was the first time I (temporarily) considered myself a ‘Worrier’.

I’ve noticed that as an intelligent, unassuming but incredibly personally aware individual, I have faced a lot of resistance merely because I don’t make a great fuss about things. I’m the Kawhi Leonard of this game. I just go out and play hard. There are reasons I don’t like to bring too much attention to myself but mainly; it’s about showing not telling…

Is it better to seek attention at all costs and be known simply by virtue of being present? Or, is it about being known for the right things? I know which is better to me. So for the most part I go unnoticed by many and disrespected by those who value noise over substance.

The Danger of Humility

No lies detected…

It’s Time To Change The Game

I agree! How do you do that without being consumed by the machine? Popularity as far as I can tell, is its own kind of addictive force. Once people get it, they’ll do nearly anything to keep it. Success is a great motivator, once you taste some you always want more. Yet success and popularity aren’t synonymous with one another.

The Danger of Humility

Pick a door! Success or Fame?

You can have one without the other. If it’s a choice, I know which I would choose. I am going to be popular if it is for bringing substance to the fore and looking out for more than myself. If I am to be successful, let it be for telling the truth and not backing down from challenges just because the journey got rough.

I want to be successful without diluting my message. – JM

Back To The Danger of Humility…
From past to present, I have had people/companies/social movements waste my time. They demand things from you for free and generally attempt to steam roll you with their exploitative ideology. Almost always they want the most they can take from you, while offering you scraps (barely) in return. Making promises on what they can deliver, whilst seemingly being very aware, they can do no such thing.

The funniest parts of these exchanges are the messages of outright resentment for you after you dare to ask for proof of these claims. – JM

The Danger of Humility

Out here moving like Salazar Slytherin

About Being Unassuming

As someone who is not interested in faux popularity or surface level adoration, it’s easy to brush off these outrageous overtures. However, upon reflection, what really needs to happen, is that these scumbags (No that term isn’t too strong) are named and shamed properly. It’s just that I am not naturally that way inclined. I don’t want to destroy people/brands/companies/events in order to build myself. That’s the truth of it. I’m coming from a place of positivity and it is frustrating that so many try to worm their way in and spread negativity.

Something Has To Give

This is true! Instead of exclusively taking the high road, I think it’s only fair that I reflect some of the energy I am being introduced to. Fair warning to everyone, if you deal with me like I am less than; I will subtract you from my usual courtesy and add you to the ‘S*@t List’. It’s 2018 for heavens sake and I’m not tolerating foolishness anymore.

The Danger of Humility

I challenge thee to a duel…

Disingenuous People Consider Yourselves Warned…

Impolite correspondence that is inappropriate, requests for fair information, which are being sidestepped, insulting rates and downgrading of my skills etc. You’re going to find yourselves publicly named and shamed. I didn’t get to this point by being a nuisance. My default position is to be respectful and humble regardless of whether I make the first approach or not. If that isn’t reciprocated you know where to go…

The Danger of Humility

Say no more…

This Seems Like A Giant Rant

You really think so? If me actually sharing my experience without being incendiary is a rant and I come across as the ‘Angry Black Man’ here, my response is only two words…

I’ll even let you pick those two words yourself! 🙂 – JM

Written Mirror Thanks You!

It’s great to have people that can identify with progression and not just struggle. Getting to where we want to be is a process and often people can only see where we are currently and not the journey we are on. If you have found yourself victim to being undervalued or underrated then you know just how important it is to keep adding to your value even when it is ignored by those you come into contact with.

The Danger of Humility

Become Optimus Berg. Cool and optimistic on the outside but more than meets the eye inside…


Remind Yourself!

They ain’t built like you, you designed yourself! Also, maybe wear one (or more) of these from time to time. Remind me that I’m not alone in thinking like this. Handing out truth pills is hard work! That and I could really use the support. In all honesty, I’d love for people (Writers/Bloggers/Actors/Directors especially) everywhere to believe more in themselves. You are the best in any category. Any trade, any field and in any situation. Stop letting people beat you down into the dirt. Confidence is not this dangerous thing we all get drunk on.

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