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About Written Mirror

Written Mirror Ltd. is a creative media company, formed in 2012. The idea was to set up a creative space where honesty and self reflection were encouraged. This has always been an environment where ideas are explored and honest thought are showcased.

It started as an idea which became a website. A website which later became a company. Now, Written Mirror is establishing a presence in the worlds of Literary and Online Publishing as well as Screenwriting. A deluge of awards has followed. ‘The Thought Book and The Thought Book 2 showcase a commitment to learning and growth mindset.

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The Founder

Jay Mullings

I am the man in the mirror, forever trying to be objective about what I see. I aim to be as unbiased as possible, however, we are all socialised into pre-conceived views. As much as possible, I try to resist those in favour of seeing the reality.

Intellectually agile, I take myself reasonably serious, but I prefer in all honesty, to have fun with my knowledge. Humorous in approach, if the key to long life was wisecracking, I would be immortal.

This of course, does not mean that I have no vices or rage, I most certainly do. I do not claim to know everything, but I make a concerted effort to take a lot in. I ask the extra question or read the extra page to avoid wilful ignorance.

I pride myself on simplicity in terms of my approach to achieving  goals. The same goes for making and maintaining relationships, what I need to be comfortable and most of all how I express myself. Like anyone else, I have many layers, but, I see myself as someone who doesn’t sit on the fence. You will find it easy to grasp my viewpoint on things. I hope time proves my words true to those of you whom I do not know as yet.

In closing here is a short summary of myself: I am an award winning Screenwriter. I have also written many philosophical quotes, poetry, travel related articles, sports analysis and music interviews.  I love my family,  I love video games, I love music, I LOVE FOOD, I especially love watching Films. In addition, I love sports and in particular, my teams: Arsenal FC, New England Patriots and the Chicago Bulls. My values are simple: Honesty, respect and the exploration of better opportunities for all.