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Thought Book

‘The Thought Book’ is a unique self help title which encourages the mindset necessary for realising your goals and it is a guide that inspires both growth and self belief. These offerings are transferable to all walks of life and are presented in an uncomplicated manner that encourages self reflection.

Available to purchase directly from the website, choose between a signed first edition copy or a reprint.

A bit about the author

Jay Mullings is a London born, Jamaican bred writer. He writes with a confidence and self belief rarely seen for an emerging talent. His life experiences and personal battles have shaped his content and have certainly helped him to forge his own style. He has been described as emphatic, enigmatic and empathetic by his friends and family. Jay has won multiple screen writing awards both in London and Barcelona over the past 12 months. One of his favourite quotes that he has written to date is, “The mind is a powerful tool when married to purpose”. Jay wants to share his unique and refreshing perspective with the world, be it through his screenplays or his books.

Testimonials & Reviews

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