The Thought Book 2(Signed & Inscribed) 1st Edition Hardback


‘The Thought Book 2’ encourages the mindset necessary for realising your goals by inspiring both growth and self belief. These offerings are transferable to all walks of life and are presented in an uncomplicated manner that encourages self reflection.

Signed and inscribed TTB2 also makes the ideal gift for those in need of inspiration.

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Words are powerful. They create your reality and at their best they can help, heal or empower you. The Thought Book II will motivate you and lift your spirits. The words have been carefully selected to aid in realising your true potential.

This is the work of my Godson Jay Mullings, who is a multiple award-winning screenwriter. His first book was met with widespread praise and I believe this, his second book, is even better. It provides the reader with the perspective required to rebuild their self-esteem, their relationships and their spirit. In brief, it provides the energy to push you forward and make you think positively about your life.

As his Godfather, I have known Jay all his life. I have watched him grow from a shy and quiet child to a resourceful, confident, and self-reliant young man. What exactly triggered this growth within him is difficult to pinpoint. Jay has had to face many challenging obstacles in his life, especially after returning to the UK after his time in Jamaica as a young boy.

I know that this was a very difficult time for him; because he not only had to leave many friends behind in Jamaica, but more importantly; he had to leave his grandparents who he is extremely close to. Therefore, at a young age, Jay found himself starting anew without the guidance of his grandparents, which he had grown accustomed to.

Although this is a journey many other people have made, it often leads to isolation, depression and mistakes, which can have detrimental repercussions on a person’s life. Jay overcame those difficulties by working out things himself, and in such a way that he often created something positive out of negative situations.

I was particularly struck by how Jay would come up with imaginative solutions to any problem he faced. An easy to reference example, is the fact that he used his creativity to better himself by embarking on a career as a scriptwriter, which in turn has brought him many awards for this work. All this Jay Mullings has done through his own efforts and with no assistance from anyone.

I have very high hopes for Jay and I know that although he aims very high, he often achieves exactly what he sets out to do. However, although Jay is a very determined individual, he has always striven to try and empower others who do not feel they have the tools to succeed or the strength to overcome the obstacles they face in life.

Hence this book which does not seek to preach nor patronise you. Instead, the words in this book have been carefully arranged to make you realise the power of healthy self-dialogue and the positive effect it can have on you.

This book will also show how words can affect your relationship with others, how they can be used to open up a closed mind. Words used to build rather than destroy relationships with others. Therefore, if you are struggling with negative thoughts and feelings, this book will provide you with the thoughts, and, words to re-programme your mind and create a new, positive reality for yourself.

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About the Author

Jay Mullings is a London born, Jamaican bred writer. He writes with a confidence and self belief rarely seen. His life experiences and personal battles have shaped his content and have certainly helped him to forge his own style. He has been described as emphatic, enigmatic and empathetic by his friends and family. Jay has won 25+ screen writing awards both in the UK and Overseas over the past 5 years. One of his favourite quotes that he has written to date is, “The mind is a powerful tool when married to purpose”. Jay wants to share his unique and refreshing perspective with the world, be it through his screenplays or his ‘Thought’ books.

Please note, there is free shipping on this product when ordering from the UK.

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