TV Comedy about 4 long-term friends. Three of which are helping their friend James after a rough divorce from his childhood sweetheart. They all bounce off each other in a show of laughs and camaraderie amongst men.

Created, and written by Jay. The Pilot script has peaked the interest of FOX and NBC. Despite being fairly early in its development; TBAB has already picked up multiple awards on the indie scene.

JM: A safe space for guys to be guys. Enjoy a laugh and their own company i.e get up to no good while looking good 🙂 I imagine this as an inverted Sex In The City meets a more down to earth Entourage. The concept fits worldwide so location isn’t an issue. Comedy is always underserved to its audience, I hope to dish up this buffet really soon…


JM: It doesn’t go off women bashing, before you start assuming the worst. It’s more about the power of close friendship and how the squad helps one another grow in a multitude of ways, while having an absolute blast. What do you get when you mix a Scotsman, Welshman, Irishman and a Englishman? TBAB! It has done very well on the awards scene, particularly in America where US shows of this ilk are in huge demand. That goes to show just how underserved Britain is when you would struggle to think of anything like it on a current run…


JM: I have been trying to bring this comedy to realisation and one thing that seems to be missing is the willingness to allow a space for this story to develop. There are some elements of friendship it seems people in commission/gatekeeper capacities have not experienced and this is causing confusion/resistance. This isn’t a rant, I am merely stating that if this a subject you have no point of reference from personal experience that would make this new territory for you. This is exactly what audiences want to see. New things! You mention it in your responses but you don’t follow through with action to make it possible. Maybe change that?