Jay’s first foray into feature length writing. ‘Feminunity’ is a female led ensemble based around connection, sisterhood and uprising/revenge/catharsis. This Action/Crime/Thriller feature follows the chance meeting of seven women at an abortion clinic. They reluctantly share their painful stories of abuse and exploitation, before uniting behind one common goal, justice!

Jay created and wrote this feature. It has gone on to receive notable recognition on the Indie scene. Jay hopes to bring it to audiences in the very near future.

JM: I wanted to write something outside of my comfort zone and on a subject which is still taboo to this day. This movie is not about whether or not you’re pro choice. It’s about empathy and understanding taking priority over judgement. Of course there is a healthy helping of action to complete the emotional cocktail. Ideally I’d like to work with strong actors who aren’t afraid to go on this journey with me. It’s a chance for a diverse production to be that, without feeling like a token event or forced happening. There is a need for a diverse team because it is a diverse project. I hope to bring this and other projects to life soon…


JM: I’ve been plugging away at this diligently for a while. It is my imagining of very painful experiences that lead women to considering abortions. Not a very happy topic of discussion I will admit, but a very relevant piece of storytelling which gives a free roaming experience to 7 pluralistic lead female characters. They’re not just different because of a diversity campaign. They each bring something different to the table. Then of course the catharsis that follows, i.e women kicking the you know what out of their abusers. Must see! It’s like the love child of an Almodóvar and Tarrantino movie.


This screenplay has been the source of a lot of frustration. I did not write it with an agenda, I am not that sort of person. The story is original and it covers subject matter no one seems to have the guts to really take a hard line on. Not only that, whenever I have reached out to representation of (talent) those who claim to be about progress and telling the stories truthfully, all I get in return is radio silence and vague get out excuses. Funding seems to be exclusively reserved for benign discussion of topics, nothing truly eye opening or representative. This story has been in demand for a while and the time is right but the powers that be aren’t. Could they have something to hide? Interests to protect? Who knows? I’ve seen this movement become diluted and the steam that was powering it becoming political. I stick to what is relevant and true in ‘Feminunity’. Hopefully someone out there will champion this being made.