Tree House

TV Drama set in the early 00’s based on the lives of Nathan Gayle (present) and his father Abraham (childhood in a racially tense London). Nathan must gamble after Abraham’s mysterious passing causes a financial mess. In a show of daring ingenuity maverick Nathan opens an illegal underage casino at his elite boarding school.

Jay created, wrote and re-wrote TH in a stellar display of confidence in his voice and flair for dramatic expression. TH has gone on to win awards + receive nominations worldwide at festival locations including: London, Barcelona, Singapore, Hong Kong, Toronto, New York & Los Angeles

This project has been described as, “The small screen reincarnation of The Godfather”, “Very important work which needs to be seen by audiences worldwide” and also as “Story telling from the point of view of a very determined and confident wordsmith. Jay owns the world he’s created”

JM: ‘Tree House’ means a lot to me. It challenged me to really put the work in. I had to take the belief in my head that, “I could write something if I TRIED” and really push myself to following through. After that first draft which I thought was FIRE! I had to come to grips with it being the beginning and not the end. I got a hell of a lot stronger as a writer. People gave me horrible feedback and told me a lot of nonsense disguised as critique to try and disarm me. I’m glad I kept my pen locked and loaded as TH is an important story. The awards and love I’ve gotten for it worldwide prove it is worthy of being produced. The material is ready, just the resources are needed to make this happen…

A lot of stereotypes are challenged and even pushed back by what TH represents. It’s a different imagining of life as a black child in Britain. It’s raw and yet not completely urban. It’s unique in terms of the journey it takes and the choices available along the way. The brotherhood between Nathan and Jason I believe might go down as one of the most important friendships in TV history. Watch out Holmes and Watson 🙂


You would think winning a London based screenwriting award followed by a multitude of others would open up doors in the UK. It doesn’t, agents are occupying this weird space of thinking they are film critics all of a sudden. Not only that, there seems to be a bias when the feedback includes weighing up a British TV Drama with a smash American show with a familiar star studded cast.

No one wants to see (They would have you believe) what Britain looks like when you come from a different background. One which isn’t recognised as being British enough on first glance. You know the ‘where are you really from?’ crowd. Your skin is too dark, you can’t be from here originally. How do these people live? What sort of opportunities are they afforded? The answer is not only in the script, it’s in the attitude towards the script. How dare you want to shine a light on 3 generations of immigration in the UK from a Black Caribbean perspective. Are we allowed to show that circumstances might have caused a few of the misunderstandings (saying it lightly) regarding our potential? Or shall we just be happy to be comedic value (often caricature) on TV or Estate life thugs pushing weight? Is that our lane? Is that all we can be? Or can ‘Tree House‘ live?