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I have long heard of “The seven year itch” as it pertains to failing relationships/marriages and it got me thinking is there a way to help people avoid this? The philosophical answer would be no as each person has their own lives to live and we should refrain from diminishing their experience by inferring our own thought process upon them. However, the short answer is maybe. Now this is not a perfect science so if it fails soz (text speak for sorry). This is what I have come up with. I have done years of research (failed relationships) and it seems a pretty sound theory that you can simulate the seven year process by creating the right environment to test it in now. This should only be done if you are going to pay attention to the results so do not go into this naive it might result in more than you bargained for.

What you are all anxious about is this experiment and how to execute it. Well, it is real simple try spending an entire week with your partner (if you do not already live with them). Pay close attention to their habits and see how well they try to integrate you into their rituals. So the programs they watch, the things they do for entertainment and how they include you into this process. Sounds easy right? Well now you have to stir the water slightly. You have the challenge of trying to get them to follow a new program or practice a new ritual in your presence. Remember this is an observation exercise you are only to collect Intel do not provoke the mark (sorry I had to get that line in :D). You are to entice them through fair means only and it has to make sense this alternative you are choosing. So asking your boyfriend to stop watching his favourite ย team play to hold your hands in the rain is not only inappropriate for this task it could also earn you the awkward eye (o_O). See how he/she rebuts your attempt to change their routine. If they are cool and charismatic chances are you have a ‘good un’ if it causes insults and escalation that is only going to manifest itself horribly in years to come. I need you to abort immediately and parachute out of there.

To go into further detail if you do not find your partner engaging over the course of these seven days can you imagine over seven years? I will give you certain parameters you can apply to frame the results as accurately as possible. If they are tired bordering on exhaustion you can give them the benefit of the doubt. It has been said that you can really find out if you like someone according to their behaviour when running on little or no sleep. If there are any emotional or physical problems at the time the test results may also be impacted so really the test is most effective when everything is just right. This of course is only a fail-safe if you are having doubts about the longevity of a relationship. If you see yourself lasting 20 years easily then this is not for you. Although doing this can still provide you with some perspective. The final phase of this test is at a later date to invite your partner to your space for a week and see how they integrate into your activities/rituals. If there is not much change between the two tests then you have a well balanced individual who will be willing to make sacrifices to keep the ship afloat (Could not help the titanic reference). ย If there are significant changes between them then there may be some problems that need addressing between you both and it is best to hash things out sooner rather than later. No one wants to find out they have wasted X amount of years by being ignorant to what is under their noses. Oh for the women, I forgot to mention, make sure you put on some of your partners clothes without their permission that will usually trigger a reaction which says a lot about the type of person your with. Thank you for reading and I wish you an itch free week.

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