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24 Hours of Foresight AKA Planning Day

Written Mirror LtdThe Return of Written Mirror

Greetings and salutations! Hello Mirrorheads thanks for continuing to keep up with the content, much love to you all. Newcomers? Are you lost? I’m just playing; you’re also very welcome, thank you for joining us.

The Final 24 Hours Instalment…

It’s been an entire month on one theme. The time has come to graduate onto others. However, as promised, here is the final 24 Hour post.

24 Hours of Foresight

The following takes place between…

Yeah I think we can finally do away with the hourly subtitles…

Plans & Pains…

I don’t really like to plan. That’s not to be confused with being unorganised. Maybe this is due to being a very meticulous planner in the past. I had plans for everything; what to eat for the week, what to wear and in what order to put it on, when to sleep, wake up, exact times for lunch and you’re starting to see how in depth I went with this. In terms of family life, I had pre-determined milestones for the various stages of my life and so forth.
Now the most I try to do is a 3-day plan. That means I get to re-determine a course of action and I really have no time to idle. Today is one of my planning days.

What Needs To Be Done?

Being the start of a new week the shorthand response is EVERYTHING! However, I try to further break it down by priority and not necessarily order. Admin tasks are always necessary because if you’re not careful they become your undoing later on. Admin covers everything from emails, postage and packaging, VAT Return and authorising payments. The life admin also needs some consideration, things you don’t really think of when you’re trying to change the world.

Is That All You’ve Got To Do?

In short? NO! Now all of the aforementioned has been successfully stored in my brain, or my phone for that matter, I can move on to actual creative tasks and the level of priority attached to them.

Speaking of Creative Tasks

Yes my book! The Thought Book 2 is here and it’s ready to go! I absolutely must hold my hand up in terms of being many months later than expected and also that I have not reached out to the same number of people as the last time. That’s now going to be a major part of the plan.

The Thought Book 2Making People Aware

The Thought Book 2 has been something that was anticipated by many following the release of the series debut late 2015. I have to be completely honest, I was beginning to lose hope of it ever being finished to my satisfaction. Now I know how Dre felt about Detox!

The Thought Book series is near and dear to my heart, there was no way I was going to release something I was barely even half happy with. That meant upsetting a few designers who to their credit, I am sure were only trying their best. However, when you say you can deliver something and you hand me a pile of ‘shaving cream’ (Jamaican’s know that expression) well, you can already predict my response. Not happening!

It’s Not An Easy Road

There are only so many corrections/amendments one can request before it becomes personal on both sides. They can sense the lack of trust and I can sense the lack of respect for my project. It’s much better to simply part ways.

After doing this a few times, it begins to wear you down. Is the idea/vision in your head impossible to translate? Or are designers just attaching the name to themselves without the requisite skills? It leads to doubt and bags of frustration. Oh and of course missed deadlines. All in all it will be worth if people enjoy the final product.

The Thought Book 2

The Book is on special pre-order sale for the: numbered, signed and inscribed Hardbacks and the eBook will go live 04/07/18 which also marks the 6th anniversary of the Written Mirror website. Link here

Proofing Books

Just to make sure everything is Irie! I will be inspecting a couple of proofs ahead of the print run. It is tight, but I’ve come too far not to be absolutely sure everything is on point. No time for embarrassing mishaps.

Head Up and Look Forwards

Time needs to be planned for writing and editing. At the same time, much like I have mentioned in previous 24 Hour posts; I like to keep the process quite open and fun. Long hours in front of a screen when the weather is nice just seems a bit crazy given the nature of British weather. This is where the plan has to include guilt free outdoor time.

24 Hour

By the same token, if things need to be done, like this article for instance, then that is exactly what needs to happen BEFORE any outdoor time. I guess I can think of this as bartering with my subconscious. As a good friend (Yes I do have friends) of mine often says, “The inner child wants to play and be free of responsibility and it will use any excuse it can to achieve that.” Get the work done and then get yourself outside to bask in the sun. Seems fair…

Plan to Research…

Part of my plan always includes room for attempting something new and radical. The other day it was tweeting one of my acting faves, more commonly known as Letitia Wright, Black Mirror ‘Nish, ‘Shuri’ from Black Panther (2018) etc. I let it be known I would be willing to write her something/anything she’d love if she just points me in the right direction…

24 Hour

Shooting a different kind of shot…

That something is what I plan to research…

24 Hour

Plans to get the research on the way…

That’s Quite A Bit For Now

Now that the plan is crystal clear it’s time to get started. Between now and Thursdays update I should have gone through a full plate. The sun is so inviting that I am hoping I can pull it all off. Either way I won’t be mad if I spend more time outdoors. It may be the only proper tan I get this summer…

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