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A Fight Against Time Pt. 2: A Lack of Resources, Cancer & A Last Minute Opponent…

by Jay Mullings

Thank You For Making It Written Mirror

Greetings and Salutations! Without much room for the usual pleasantries, let’s get right to it! 

For Part One: https://writtenmirror.com/a-fight-against-time-pt-1-a-lack-of-resources-cancer-a-last-minute-opponent/

Today I am joined by Karlene Ferron who is PJ’s mother. Welcome to Written Mirror Karlene.

KF: Thank you for having me, how are you?

JM: How am I? You’re definitely a mother! I am doing okay thank you. How are you considering the circumstances?

KF: Yes I am a Mother through and through. I’d love to say I’m doing well, but it’s the hardest thing as a parent to find out your baby has cancer. 

JM: I can’t begin to imagine what it’s like. How is PJ and what was he like before this?

The Fight Against Time

Peter Mullings Jr (PJ)

Before The Greatest of Tests

KF: PJ is a very strong baby fighting for his life. Nothing keeps him down for long. You can’t really look at him and tell he’s sick. PJ has always been a playful baby, full of energy and just life in general. He never used to get sick then out of nowhere he loses his appetite and starts losing weight. 

JM: That definitely sounds like a Mullings child. We’re always tougher than we look and we always come with lots of playful energy. Interesting is probably not the best word but it is noteworthy that he went from being very healthy and thriving to so unwell in a short space of time. That must’ve been devastating.

The Fight Against Time

PJ during a round of treatment…

KF: It’s a strange one as he never had a big tummy but the size of the tumour they removed made me really emotional. He cried a lot and that hurt me knowing he was feeling pain. 

*This image of PJ’s tumour may cause some offence do look away if you are likely to find this upsetting…*

The Fight Against Time

The tumour removed from PJ…

Coping With The Illness of Your Child

JM: I was just about to get to that. How are you and Peter Snr coping with your son going through this?

KF: The situation takes a toll on us. We both cry a lot on each others shoulders. So it’s been hard having to be away from him. PJ loves playing with his Dad so it breaks my heart that we aren’t all together at the moment.

The Fight Against TimeFamily

JM: It sounds like you are a very close knit family.

KF: We are, I am not trying to sound isolated, we have the support of great friends and family too. 

JM: Speaking of Friends and Family. Who has been assisting you through this tough time?

The Fight Against Time

PJ is very smart. He can already read and handle numbers, colours + other advanced tasks…

Special Thanks

KF: We have mainly been getting assistance from Chase Fund, Sakima Mullings and Wendy McMaster.

JM: Two those last two I really want to focus on for a second. Tell us what Sakima and Wendy have done for PJ.

KF: Where do I start? Sakima trained very hard and put his body and health on the line for his Nephew. He even went a step further and donated his entire purse towards his medical expenses. I can’t thank him enough and he’s not the type to ever hold it over our heads either. Thank you Sakima!

The Fight Against Time

Fighting for more than pride…

JM: That’s amazing, I sense you guys are really there for each other and that’s heartwarming to say the least. I have something in my eyes. What about Wendy McMaster?

The Fight Against TimeKF: Wendy has been immense! She’s a real life super hero! Wendy went above and beyond to get us to the U.S.A where we are at the moment. Visa, travel arrangements, accommodation and so much more. Everyone that has helped so far thank you from the bottom of my heart. Also thank the Almighty for giving us the strength to go through this rough patch and continuing to make PJ’s life possible. 

The Fight Against TimeMessage To Others In A Similar Situation

JM: Do you have a message to other parents, family members going through anything similar with their children or their friends children etc.?

KF: Yes I do, you have to keep the faith and put God before everything. Pray when you feel like crying and pray when it seems there is no hope. It’s not easy seeing a child go through this but while they fight you have to fight for them too. If you need help talk about it and seek help. There is always hope regardless of the situation. That same hope is what I hold on to for PJ.

The Fight Against TimeJM: Your words are very moving and I hope it touches the hearts of people who can empathise with what you’re going through. I know you have a couple of methods for people to donate can you please leave them with me here?

KF: That’s no problem!

Help PJ

KF: Any and all help for PJ is welcome, whether big or small. For monetary donations: Karlene Ferron Jamaica National (JN): 10833541 and National Commercial Bank (NCB): 674140789. Gofundme: https://www.gofundme.com/wilms-cancer-for-pj

Written Mirror Thanks You All In Advance

To everyone reading, sharing and donating to this heartbreaking cause, thank you! For anyone reading this that is going through something similar, I hope Karlene’s words and faith in a positive outcome can also provide comfort during your own testing experience.

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