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Feelings of elation and rejection are almost certain

The heart is a muscle, this workout, both a blessing and burden.

Synchronicity between two is the final hurdle

So rare to find a pairing in which the electric jolt won’t hurt you.


That’s when you know you’ve struck gold

The affected heart has heat, where it was once so cold.

You feel braver then ever; if you were a font you’d be bold.

Everything you feel you’d write, so your story could be told.

Treasuring the moment your heart was freed from its blindfold

Seeing and feeling a connection, you’re no longer alone

Planning for the future is exciting, no longer a bore.


Doubtful thoughts descend and penetrate your dome

The cracks you didn’t notice, have started to show

The connection was a false positive; you should have known.

Your firewall had been breached; it was by a stealthy worm

All functioning impaired, too many traces of germs

Your anxious to remove it; by far making it worse.

Reacting when all you needed to do was stand firm

Identify; locate then quarantine to affirm

That you’re prepared to move forward and be better in the long term


Jay Mullings

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