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Life is Real Neat!

Written Mirror Receives a Real Neat Blog Award Nod…

Written Mirror LtdWelcome To Written Mirror

To the long time ‘Mirror Heads’ greetings and salutations! Newcomers, I promise to be gentle…

Check out the Written Mirror Intro Video you know it’s too epic not to be seen!

Happy Bank Holiday Monday!

Well, Bank Holiday in the UK, I suppose it’s back to work in the USA as memorial weekend has come to a close. This is a change of pace post. Those of you who were expecting the usual hot fire will need to bare with me on this one. Let’s get right into it!

What is The Real Neat Blog Award?

This was a question I too had! However, the answer was both elegantly simple and reminded me of the potential we have as human beings for super connectivity. Yes I said super connectivity and human beings in the same sentence. I live on the grid! Anyway, I digress…

The Real Neat Blog Award is a nod passed between peers within the blogging fraternity. The awesome purpose of this? You guessed it clout! No you’re wrong! It is to spread awareness to those interested in reaching new blogs (as in ones they may not have heard of before not new as in novice) and also, it is a place where we get to choose our favourites. You know like your favourite sports players favourite player type of thing. It’s neat because there isn’t always time to stop and name drop all these amazingly talented and truthful bloggers, because we all have lives to lead and pages to fill. That and some people just don’t want to shine light on others.

Life is Real neat Who Nominated You?

That’s a good question! You must have seen the UK thunderstorms this weekend? It was trending all over Twitter… Well, rumour has it I was chosen by the God of Thunder himself, Lord Raiden! No I wasn’t but that would’ve been cool right? I was nominated by the amazingly kind and stupidly hilarious Zara Lou aka ‘Ms why are you like this?’. As ZL was nice enough to remember little old me, I think it is only right that I point you to her blog right here.

What Do I like About ZaraLou?

Well, firstly, I already mentioned she’s hilarious! I am almost certain I also said she was kind. As I am writing this Zara is threatening to hit me over the head with a blunt force instrument if I say anything bapiodfjspfjp’jgdf’pjgp’fdgp’s ouch! Just kidding! ZL is very generous with her time, her opinions and her willingness to acknowledge others. Those are all very admirable traits and she picks delightful Gifs on Twitter! As for what she’s like as a blogger? Haha, I don’t think I should spoil the surprise! Check out the link again here. Actually best to hold off until you finish reading my post. Is that okay ZL? No you said? But sdhbdfsklhfshd alright alright! Here is the link

How Does The Real Neat Blog Award Work?

Can’t slip anything past my readers; go on take a moment to smile you clever bunch! Okay so there is more…

The Rules:

Put the award label on your blog.
Answer the 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
Thank the people who nominated you and link to their blogs.
Nominate any number of bloggers you like, include links to their blogs.
Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog or twitter etc)

Where Are Your 7 Questions?

Steady on, give me a second! These were taken directly from ZL’s post which you can read for yourself here

ZaraLou’s questions to Written Mirror are:

  1. Tell us about your blog!
  2. What was it that made you start up a blog?
  3. Has your blog helped you in more ways than just being a place ‘to write’?
  4. How do you manage your life around your blog?
  5. If you could change or add one thing to your blog, what would it be and why?
  6. Where do you see you and your blog in 3 years time?
  7. Do you have any advice for bloggers wanting to take the next step in blogging?
  8. What do you love most about blogging?

I think she got away with a cheeky extra one but I will count 1 & 2 as one question…

Before I get into that let me first throw down some content for the newcomers especially! Here is a recent interview I did with the Crazy Ant Farm Podcast.

Just for a little background..

Let’s Play 7 Questions for Jay!

  1. Tell us about Written Mirror and what made you start it?
  2. What was it that made you start up a blog?

Written Mirror is and will always be my playground, my sandpit, and my digital spirit land to try new things creatively. I started Written Mirror in the summer of 2012, July 4th to be exact! That ended up being my creative Independence Day! I wanted a space where I could face up to the things that both frightened and excited me creatively. For instance, even to this day I’m somewhat scared of poetry. I am a supremely confident (dare I even say talented) Writer, but something about poetry makes me uneasy. Written Mirror was to be a rehearsal space for that and other creative forms which utilise the skills of a wordsmith. It was my journal, my rehearsal space and a little homing beacon for the right kind of people to find me. I still don’t have an agent by the way but I digress…

This was one of the projects that this space made possible. It was me getting ready to take on the world of written artistry vs the problems I might encounter. Some might argue I saw into the future. Check it out…

Next Question.

3. Has your blog helped you in more ways than just being a place ‘to write’?

Yes! Next question! Most definitely, Written Mirror is I and I am Written Mirror. What I mean by that is, you don’t come to my site and leave without knowing this is something I really care about. Also, by the same token, you don’t seek me out and not be able to tell Written Mirror is a huge part of me. So I live to create and push Written Mirror forwards little by little and Written Mirror exits to help me on journey as a creative one step at a time. I think it not only improved my work rate as a Writer, but it made me a more conscientious individual. So it is more than a place to write, it’s a place to be… Take a look for yourself here.

Life As A Blogger?

4. How do you manage your life around your blog?

Haha, not only do I write the blog and maintain Written Mirror the site itself. I do my own social media, liaise with brands, write poetry, screenplays and I am working behind the scenes on a top secret audio-visual project while simultaneously bringing the second release in The Thought Book Series about. Oh and I recently managed to squeeze in official Written Mirror merchandise. Check www.writtenmirror.com/shop for the full range of products. Also, have a look at the projects section of the site here. Is that managing a life? It’s full on Written Mirror/Jay Mullings 24-7 365 and 366 on leap years. I’m stretched but really I guess the answer is that I keep a varied diet of creativity.

Reading that back I can see that maybe I need to take some time for myself and go somewhere hot! I meditate sometimes, do a little yoga sometimes, thrash a ball about at tennis and listen to epic music! I find some time to read and watch a little Netflix/Amazon Prime here and there. Wait I play some PS4 too! PSN: Jaysus01 if you’re trying to get that work! No I don’t play Fortnite; but I may well have to someday. Last but not least I tweet a lot! Follow @writtenmirror please!

Augment The Written Mirror Armour…

5. If you could change or add one thing to your blog, what would it be and why?

I mean I’m already putting in a lot of work so, I suppose I’d add video! Actually there are already plans to do so. The thing I’d like to change is the amount of hours that I physically have to give this stuff. It would be nice to streamline and also get that paper son! Netflix/Amazon/Apple/Beats/Google/Sony/Marvel and all major studios holla at me! Let’s get this money! Haha! The answer was video by the way…


Near Future Mirror Mirror On The Wall

6. Where do you see you and your blog in 3 years time?

Wow! This is definitely not going to be the answer you’d expect. Strap yourselves in…

Truthfully if Written Mirror doesn’t work within the next 3 years, I’d honestly rather die! I have gone through too much bs (kids might be reading) and overcome too many struggles, to not have seriously changed my situation in the next 3 years. Not to steal lines from one of my favourite rappers but,

“Either let me fly or give me death…” DMX

Any Advice For Others?

7. Do you have any advice for bloggers wanting to take the next step in blogging?

Yes! Get on it ASAP! Get The Thought Book 1 and 2 when it’s released and get to it! Honestly big risk big reward. Try engaging with others on similar missions but ultimately follow your own mind and heart. Sometimes people “tark rubbish” *Dillian Whyte voice*


What Do You Enjoy Most?

8. What do you love most about blogging?

Not just blogging but Writing in general. The idea that you can take the thoughts that circulate and percolate inside your brain and turn into content. Not just for the sake of it but to connect with other people and empower those who feel like only a select few can really do this. That and the absolutely cracking people I come across through blogging. Some real underrated people who have a lot to offer the world. Most of all what I like is that at any given moment I can say whatever the f*@k I want and nobody can’t tell me anything. There’s real freedom in blogging and real freedom in the spoken word. Language is a very persuasive tool that we all can wield to differing results.

That’s it I believe! I’m done here!

British Black Screenwriters - WML

That’s game!


No You Aint!

Oh yes! Nominations and web links etc. Let me just google some big blogs real quick! Haha I’m just kidding! I think 3 is sufficient. Here goes!

Opens envelope. The first blog still in with a chance of becoming the world’s next neat blog is…

Kiki Blah Blah

The second is

Girl Running Late

Thirdly we have Mr England himself

New Rising Media

as I was nominated as part of a foursome I think I can squeeze two more in as a quintet lol…

The Small Slice


16 Bit Dad

Well done you have been selected to be the world’s next neat blog. Congratulations, but before you get too giddy here are my questions to you all…

By Jungle Law I The Ghost Who Walks Call On The Power of Ten Tigers!

  1. What inspired your best ever blog post?
  2. Who is your favourite blogger (can’t be yourself or any co-writer)?
  3. What is the best advice you’ve ever received/given?
  4. What is the most important ingredient in a blog?
  5. You’re stuck on one topic for the rest of your blogging life, what would it be and why?
  6. What is the weirdest comment/feedback you have ever had from a legitimate reader?
  7. Someone offers you £100K to stop blogging for the rest of your life would you take it?

Written Mirror Thanks You All

Thank you for staying with us for this change of pace. I hope you follow these aforementioned blogs and also continue to support Written Mirror! Thanks again to the lovely Zara Lou for the nomination. As this post was a freebie, expect another this week.

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