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Not Another Life Hack!

Just Improvement On The Go…

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Greetings & Salutations

Welcome back to Written Mirror regular readers and a warm hello to the newcomers! I promise to be gentle…

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Today we will be looking at the opportunity to improve yourself in different situations. Special attention will be paid to situations you might normally perceive as being difficult/impossible to accomodate improvement.

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Whilst Commuting…

This is a common concern for many on the road to improvement. The commute is too noisy and too crowded! The drive is no time for anything other than music and idle chit chat.
The truth is, the commute is never ideal time to concentrate on other things. However, ask yourself, what do I have to lose by trying to gain something extra from this time? The answer if we’re being honest should show the upside outweighs any potential downside.

Not Another Life Hack!

He seems happy as Larry! He must’ve found the formula!

While Performing Chores…

Chores on their own, can in essence aid in improvement. They require you to concentrate (whether consciously or not) and cannot be done well without effort. However, once again, there is an opportunity to squeeze some more juice out of something you may usually consider as dead time.

Dead time in this context, is time devoted to things that cannot be used for anything else. – JM


Not Another Life Hack!

Try not to forget the laundry…


Okay, this one is not an easy sell. “We barely have enough time to chew properly, some of us don’t even leave our desks…” Yes, alright, however, this is almost the very definition of dead time. If there is a chance to get something extra from it, it must be worth a chance…

Not Another Life Hack

Yeah he’s really feeling what he’s hearing or maybe he’s listening to BTS! Who knows?

During Exercise…

Depending on the activity, you may be able to utilise the endorphin rush to stack brains on top of your gains. Yeah that’s not a bad proposition…

Not Another Life Hack

Is she related to Barry Allen?

Last Thing At Night

Winding down for bed. It’s the time of the day when you try to start closing the mental windows. However, the subconscious mind is a powerful thing. This is the perfect time for getting two bites at the cherry so to speak. Take it in and let your subconscious build the mental pathways for getting it in your reality.

Just Another Life Hack

Take It All In…

What Is This Magic Pill?

No magic pill, no gurantees, just a trial of the mind. In many professions (obviously Writing is included) the best way to bridge the gap from novice to master? Learning from a master. You want to speak better? Read the work of great speakers, engineers on their process, mathematicians on their mnemonics, page intensive history books read to you, the work of fiction writers etc. Religion, politics, spirtuality, travel, astrology, finance, food, music, yoga or whatever it may be, there is something for you!

Not Another Life Hack!

Drumroll please…

What Is It Then?

Amazon’s Audible! Their vast audiobook catalogue, can be taken anywhere. Kindle compatible, the audiobook can be followed, page by page on Kindle and even continues from where it’s left off if you were to use one and not the other. Available on mobile, computer, Alexa etc. Audible can go wherever you go. You might be surprised just how much value this one very portable change could bring to your life.

How Much Does It Cost?

Here’s the good news! There is a free one month trial. It costs you absolutely nothing. You read correctly, ZERO! That is enough time to really put Audible through it paces. Everyone likes something for free, get as much out of this trial as possible.

When Do I Use It?

You could set aside time specifically for Audible, or, you can fit it into those examples given above (Lunch, Chores, Commute, Before Bed etc.). It is definitely a win-win as you get to take a giant stride towards improvement, significantly aided by guidance from experts in your chosen field.

Audible Free 1 Month Trial…

Here is the link for your free one month trial with Audible. Know anyone who has a goal in mind that would benefit from this trial? Feel free to share the article or the link below here…


I sincerely hope you have found this latest post ‘Not Another Life Hack!’ helpful in some way. As always my greatest appreciation for the conituned love for Written Mirror. Thank you to everyone who continues to show love on multiple platforms. The mentions, faves and RT’s on Twitter, The likes on Instagram, The new subscribers to the YouTube channel, The hits and shares on Written Mirror Website and also on Apple Newsโ€ฆ It means a lot to have you all on board. Thank you once again!

About Jay Mullings

The fearless warrior of truth and the creative of the future. London born and Jamaican bred, Jay Mullings is a very well rounded writer. Having grown in stature as a Screenwriter winning over 25 awards (Tree House, Feminunity, The Boys Are Back and more) in both the Television and Film categories. Jay is also a very capable but shy poet, a willing blogger, and engaging sports, music, PR and travel writer. Jay cares about his craft and has been on a personal mission to inspire others in their pursuit of their own passions through the use of Written Mirror. The Thought Book was his debut offering and the second book in the series is due for a summer 2018 release.

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  • Sareta says:

    Ah man, audiobooks have been on my list for ages. I’ve just never gotten around to getting one. 3 school runs a day have gotten me interested in podcasts, but waiting for the next instalment leaves me with nothing! Defo going to check them out.

    Any wireless headphone recommendations?

    • Jay Mullings says:

      Hey Sareta! I’m happy you see a way to integrate this into your day to day. As for headphones, I’d love to tell you yes but truth is I’ve been scared to get them. I don’t trust them not to break haha.

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