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A Wicked Third of The Year Later!

Hello everyone, it’s Jay Mullings from Written Mirror here AKA Wicked Penman. If you’re new to the site, I promise to go easy on you. Bless up to all the returning ‘Mirrorheads’, no I won’t stop calling you that until that’s a thing!


I have been away for a while (since December) and if you’ve been keeping up, you know why! However, some of you forget easily, old age and all LOL so let me recap.

December 2019

When last we spoke I was determined to put in even more effort into 2020! So what that meant was more music, release The JAM, improve with the drone and more strength on YouTube. Despite the challenging tasks and schedule, I have ticked all the boxes plus a few unexpected ones.

2020 Vision

What do I mean by unexpected? Well, unbeknownst to a lot of you, I take pretty cool photos!

I decided to go into my photography bag. The result? Over 1 Million views and the scary part; it came with relative ease. I have cleared 900K views in the last 6 weeks alone. 

So Everything is Great?

It isn’t!

The act of sharing things you work on creatively isn’t simple; rather the opposite, it’s very hard in this cold world.

However, instead of focusing on what could go wrong, I tend to think a little differently. I gauge things by how mad I would be if I let fear stop me from trying. The results of my efforts you may recognise over the past 7 years. 

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Poetry, I hated sharing these thinking they were awful! Blogging? Again I said who wants to read that? Screenwriting, I was told I would never get anywhere doing it. Releasing The Thought Book 1 & 2, “People don’t like you enough to care!” I believe was the ‘advice’. Of course Directing, Editing, Songwriting and so forth came after. Point is no one can ever say I am precious about my art. Results are a motivator sure; however, not giving in to fear is my real inspiration. 


Life is funny, you’re here one minute and gone the next. I live through my art and it feels great to share it, regardless of how it is initially received.

Now I’ve mentioned photography, but my film ‘The JAM’ is now out to the world. All you need is the internet and a screen to take part!



What About YouTube?

Ah yes, dear old YouTube! I have just under 80 videos to my name. Not only that; I am pleased to report consistency has been the backbone of my YouTube journey.  Music? Well here we are 14 months since I began and I have a dozen singles out + a new EP (1WPM) on the way! My latest release ‘Wicked Fly’ came out on my birthday (last Friday).  What has the response been to my brand of music to date? A mixed bag, some really like it and see where I can take it. Others think it’s too big of a job for me. 


Now as someone who has seen and heard this before, I go with what my mind and heart say. They say, “Go at this with the same force you go at everything else with!” I’m not doing this for attention; quite the opposite, I’d rather let the music, film, photography, books and so forth do their thing. However, the internet age doesn’t work like that.  


Social Proof

If you’re unproven in the eyes of social media, i.e monetary success, accolades and popularity you’re worthless to many. As much as I determine my own self worth; I have softened slightly in that I’m willing to meet people halfway. If you need me to get views and streams of my content, then so be it! Popularity is never the motive! I do know I have enough substance to keep the people I reach engaged longterm. 

Support Over Clout

I told you all last year, what I need are true supporters. Not a million passive followers faking an impact! First I hope to get 100 people invested in my career and then we will grow from there. A side note, most of the content I have created is a roadmap for others to achieve their goals. Music is honestly the first thing I have done where I don’t register other peoples ambitions at all. This is totally about me *MJ Shrug*…

I suppose that’s why I sound calm 90% of the time in my music. The switch up will come, the emotion will follow. For now, I enjoy learning and implementing a new skill that grows me as a person. I have no rivals and I respect my peers. How many musicians on the come up in my field can say that? 

Jay Mullings Unsplash

How Can We Help?

What do I need in the way of support? If you’re a regular on the site, you already know, I don’t seek charity, just opportunity. I’d rather you spend money with me than beg you for it! Value for value is always my goal.

Now for your kind patience and support, I’d like to offer you a 50% saving on all Written Mirror products. Help me amass the funds I need to push through and I promise to deliver very high level content and merchandise for the years ahead. It all starts with 1 person; yes that would be you…

Where Are Your Socials?

Thank you for making it Written Mirror again, see you next time!


If you smell…

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