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2019’s Window Closes Rapidly

2020’s Loading As We Speak! Greetings and salutations to all massive and crew! Special shout to the returning ‘Mirrorheads’, yes that means all 3.5 of you! Welcome to all the newcomers, I promise to be gentle 😉

Today’s topic? Where did the year go? Are we really about to enter 2020 already? Damn!

2020's Loading As We Speak...
Get Your Time Turners Ready

What Have You Accomplished in 2019?

That’s a fair if not slightly harsh question, but I’ll answer it nonetheless. 2019 has been a year of firsts for me. It’s the first time I’ve ever completely exhausted every resource at my disposal. I like to keep tricks up my sleeve but I emptied the barrel this year. No excuses, no begging for mercy, I just tried to execute all my ideas with every single thing I have. Whether tangible or intangible, it’s gone into everything I’ve done this year.

2020's Loading As We Speak...
Struggle Upsetting…

Enough Chat, Answer The Question!

I financed, directed, edited, graded and scored my first feature film, ‘The JAM’. So far it has 14 awards/official selections to its name. 2019 was also the year I wrote, recorded, produced and released my first Reggae/Dancehall tracks as ‘Wicked Penman’. Across platforms the music has accrued over 300K streams. Not enough to retire and buy a mansion; however, I released 12 tracks in 9 months. Warts and all, they are my creations; I crafted an idea in a new field into something tangible.

Catch Up With Me

I became a regular YouTuber for an entire year. Averaging around 4/5 videos a month. Quietly I acquired the 4000 hours needed to monetise my channel. I’m proud of that as it isn’t easy keeping up with all these endeavours simultaneously. Recently I purchased my first drone, it is my hope to do bigger and better things on the channel for 2020. My goal is to double my audience, double my exposure and to start working alongside brands I trust/believe in. Don’t worry I’m not about to become an ‘influencer’.

2020 Loading As We Speak...
Just touch down…

Why Haven’t We Seen ‘The JAM’?

Truthfully? I don’t know! The rhetoric is that ‘Diversity’ and authentic ‘BAME’ stories, fascinations/activities are highly sought after. This wasn’t the Unique Selling Point (USP) I had in mind when creating ‘The JAM’. That being said, I really wish the myth would stop being cascaded everywhere you turn. You know the myth I’m talking about, “Pick up your smartphone and make a film!” Baloney! I’ve had interest from large organisations which pretty much state they would only be interested if a Celebrity/Athlete person of importance were involved in my project. Good luck getting said people involved in a smartphone project. It would never happen!

Also the story I focussed on, is one which I tell confidently because it’s true! Not only that, literally nothing in the film has been embellished. Maybe that’s the true tragedy here. That authentic telling from the Black community everyone says, “Needs to exist”, you know; the one that doesn’t involve incendiary or stereotypical topics. Yet ‘The JAM’ can’t get off the ground (in terms of distribution) without some form of celebrity behind it?

2020's Loading As We Speak...
14 Official Selections/Awards

Is It Any Good?

Important side-note, no one so far has claimed that the quality is low, despite being incredibly low budget compared to the multi-million pound projects they usually see. The topics are also pertinent, yet the main point which has so far been missed by these curators? I did this all on my own without a single penny from anybody.

The main point being that you have to risk dying of hunger to get any form of recognition here. Still people will find excuses not to give you your dues. This is why ‘The JAM’ exists. The ‘unskilled’ myth or the ‘not ready’ coded language can no longer be used against me. I have armed myself with enough know how to warrant a chance.

2020's Loading As We Speak...
Only Improving…

What Will You Do In 2020?

Well, that depends! I may not have the popularity of the people selectively given platforms to ‘represent us’ but I’ve created a footprint. What I mean by that is, the music is there. It’s on all good streaming platforms. I had never voiced a record before 2019 but I was not willing to have a film with no music so I gave it a try.

Take a listen for yourself…

If you don’t like my voice, at least you will feel my words. If you don’t like my words? You will at least feel the beats! If you don’t like my beats? You will at least feel my music videos! If you don’t like my music videos? You will at least appreciate I’ve done every single thing I could to prove I have talent and ambition worthy of support.

Struggle Official Music Video

So when the film finally gets its day in the sun, you may see your way to witnessing it for yourself. That is the entire point of what I’ll be doing in 2020…

How Can We Help?

If by some miracle you actually want to help me, the call to action is simple. For those who can afford it, pick up The Thought Book Series. Read it or gift it, either way I will never beg for money; I’ll always offer value in return. If you don’t like reading (even though The Thought Book Series are some of the easiest books ever to read) support the store. You can either wear it (Merchandise), gift it or heck you could even frame it. Most of all tell people about it, let them know there is one person who isn’t selling an image or their soul.

Those Who Can’t Spare Cash?

That is a simple question to answer. Share things, repost, embed, spread the word. It doesn’t have to cost you a penny. I have never been a fan of asking people to endorse something before there is proof it is worth endorsing. Check out the Written Mirror website, read my blogs, see my interviews on YouTube, listen to the lyrics in my songs (clean versions exist if your adverse to explicit language). If you like what you see/hear then share and tell people. I’ve done the math, I only need 1000 true supporters to make some serious noise. Why? They know people and those people know people. So each one is very important to me…

December Post Featured Image
They Say This Is A Big Rich Town…

Enough About You What Advice Do You Have For Us?

Fair dues! I have gone on about myself for long enough. My advice to you is to pursue your dreams with vigour! You may come across those who don’t want to understand or support it, but you keep on that path with the right energy; disbelievers become supporters.

That is my solemn belief, don’t lose yourself trying to prove yourself to others. They either feel it or they don’t!

Jay Mullings

Also if you’re reading this far, I have a feeling things are going to work out for you. Don’t forget me when they do! Deal? 2020’s Loading As We Speak…

Drop Your Socials For Us!

Alright in case you’ve never come across my content before. Written Mirror is the name and the brand. I’m on instagram and twitter (@writtenmirror & @1wickedpenman). YouTube is ‘ Written Mirror’, I hardly use Facebook truth be told and also I want to communicate directly with supporters minus a social media platform in the near future. So to that end, I will be setting up a mailing list in 2020 and I’ll also get a phone specifically for my supporters. Email me at jay@writtenmirror.com if you have any questions/concerns.


Thank You

I appreciate you stopping by and supporting my content. It is my sincere hope that you will return in the future. Thanks for reading, 2020’s Loading As We Speak…

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About Jay Mullings

Multiple Award-winning Screenwriter, Author, Blogger, Film Director and Founder of Written Mirror Ltd. Jay is an ambitious but humble creative who wants to connect with audiences all over the world. Born in London but raised in Jamaica, Jay carries his experiences of both cultures and lends it to his work with his unique but authoritative voice which, he admits not seeing represented enough growing up.


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