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Written Wednesday 2:

When We Welcome Work

Written Mirror Ltd

Written Wednesday 2

Welcome back for Written Wednesday 2. My very warmest greetings and salutations to the loyal OG ‘Mirrorheads’ you are always appreciated. A regal wave to the newcomers; let’s get it!


When We Welcome Work

Another Wednesday and more W’s to consider. I am running low on words to fit this ‘W’theme so do enjoy it while it lasts.


My overriding thoughts over the past couple of weeks are surrounding self-accountability. I’ve tried to really strip back my wider ambition, to the things I can competently do/achieve/accomplish on my own. That is the opposite of how you grow a business/brand I know! You largely need to delegate and empower others on the way to executing your vision. Yet there is only fatal flaw in that; it is completely possible to trust the wrong people. That is despite your best intentions and most vigilant selection techniques. Nothing is guaranteed especially, when it comes to things outside of our control.

Written Wednesday 2

Jay, Written Mirror and Wicked Penman all rolled into one…


I have always been someone who likes to work independently. No problem pitching in with a team, but I prefer to get things done on my own terms. Also some of what supposedly counts as team spirit is just irritating. You know the needless gossip and terrible jokes while passing around fattening sugary snacks, counting the time away, listening to a radio station you hate, whilst hearing complaints about the weather/partners/children. After one week on repeat, you’ve heard all you need to of this.

“There is no ‘I’ in team, but there is an ‘I’ in win!” – Michael Jordan aka The GOAT

Written Wednesday 2

Real ones know…

I’m far happier in an environment where it’s just the result I am aiming for and I. However, this isn’t something that is easy to communicate to others. You’re not a team player, you’re anti-social, you don’t share your personal life etc. Soz! On top of that, I have had to learn the hard way that not everyone is as detail oriented as me. Being thorough comes naturally to me and sometimes it causes visible frustration having to see the slapdash approach of others. Especially when it’s on your dime/time.


If you’re enthusiastic about upholding high standards, you’re always welcome to work with me. Heck that’s probably the single most important thing. Maximising the potential of what you have. The ‘nobody is going to notice it’ crowd can kick rocks, if I notice why won’t someone else? It’s chronic laziness to take this approach to life. You can’t pick up everything but, if you see something out of place and it’s not too late, remove it from the project. People appreciate attention to detail, the small things matter and it often makes the difference between a flimsy experience and a staunch supporter.

“Not everyone can understand the intensity that goes with attempting to be extraordinary.” – p.26Mullings, J (2015). The Thought Book. England: Written Mirror Ltd.

The Thought Book – Jay Mullings – Hardback


Back to the original thoughts I’ve had. It is true that you can take on too much work and burn yourself out. That is never a suggestion I would make to someone. However, what I would say is this, if you can do it at a substantially higher level than the help you’re thinking of getting, be prepared to be underwhelmed with the result. If it is something that you can halve your time by giving a once over after, then it may still be of value to you. Don’t do it if you know you won’t have the time to undertake that task IF the help gets it wrong. Save yourself the time, money and likely frustration.

Some of you are thinking, “Why don’t you just be clear about what your expectations are?” Pause, you really think thorough people are vague in expressing what they want? Exactly! If you detail everything you require and someone says “Yes I’ve got this!” and it turns out they don’t; how would you know without reading their mind? Like I said before, if you know the thing you want to do is something you can do to a high level, it’s not something you delegate until trust has been established. You don’t want to learn the hard way…

More work for you now, but less work in the long run if it’s done right from the jump!


You’ve done all you can do and you need help/expertise to reach the next level. There is no shame in looking to more qualified/skilled individuals to involve in your project. In fact it’s the smart move. What is important when you’re in this situation is not to completely surrender your instincts. Not every skilled/qualified professional is pure in his or her intent. I know this from personal experience, your instincts often make up for a lack of specific know how. Many times you will find the people that they try to take advantage of, are the very people who are willing to pay a fair rate for their services. Strange and somewhat an indicator of insecurity, but don’t let it detract from your instincts.

If a design doesn’t look right to your eye, it probably isn’t. The photos you commissioned aren’t communicating the message you want, say so and stick to your guns. A service you discussed upfront is less than adequate, as much as it will be an unpleasant conversation; it’s far better than acquiescing to inferior work/results. You are only going to end up beating yourself up over it when confronted with the, “Why didn’t you?”



I suppose it is fair to wonder what the underlying message is here? Simply one that you have instincts that are useful and talents you should utilise for the best results. When you combine that with the right help, you are on the path to a very exciting/profitable venture. Anyone that does not live up to that standard of delivery will have you to reckon with. Don’t roll over and let people bulldoze you while taking your money/time/resources. That can’t run! Now go be great!

The mind is a powerful tool when married to purpose… 

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Multiple Award-winning Screenwriter, Author, Blogger, Film Director and Founder of Written Mirror Ltd. Jay is an ambitious but humble creative who wants to connect with audiences all over the world. Born in London but raised in Jamaica, Jay carries his experiences of both cultures and lends it to his work with his unique but authoritative voice which, he admits not seeing represented enough growing up.


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