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Mirror Monday 2:

All You Do Is Write…

Written Mirror LtdGreetings & Salutations

Good morning one and all. A special welcome as always to the OG ‘Mirrorheads’ yes all 5 of you! I’m joking of course, we all know who the real ones are! Greetings to the newcomers, thank you for joining the conversation.

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Mirror Monday Part 2

It seems like last Monday’s 1stoffering hit a few nerves along the way. Speaking the truth does often upset those who would rather dwell in a lie. Apparently I have no understanding of what it is like to be seen as something other than what I am. This isn’t the first time these kinds of allegations have been made to me and it always comes from white people! Yes 100% of the time!

Mirror Monday 2

Check it out…



What Sort of Allegations?

Qualifying in a headline that I want to be ‘The Best Black British Screenwriter’ for instance got the ire of a few people. “You lost my interest in supporting by highlighting race” The criticism would’ve made more sense if, it came from someone who actually read the content before responding.


I like to play with headlines sardonically or add words to invite a challenge. Humble headlines do not get read unfortunately. I know because 85% of the ones I write are what it says on the tin. Yet the spike in interaction when you up the ante…


Can I Live?

Mirror Monday 1 Allegations

There are benefits to ‘appearing as one race’ (Black) as opposed to being racially ambiguous aesthetically. Oh what are those? The stereotypes are instantly in bounds in the minds of racists? Is that it? Honestly I have no idea what this lunatic was driving at.

‘You have no idea what it is like to have people in your face questioning your origins’ (paraphrasing slightly). Sure! A black man has no experience with people questioning their origins outside of Africa or the Caribbean. This person clearly lives in a bubble where everything is fine and dandy for black people. We just brandish the race card out of boredom! This is truly the highest level of idiocy. Not to mention you are doing this in service of someone who PRETENDED to be BLACK. Your empathy is misplaced and instead of compounding the situation by being ignorant, you had an opportunity to read what I wrote and learn something.

Part 2…

Enough time has been spent with the negative attention. Let’s move on, especially as there is always room for misinterpretation in the hands of those with an agenda.  I’d rather focus on my very interested readers.

Those readers, who are here to sate their curiosity and exercise their intellect. If moved they often contribute to a positive interaction as many a conversation has been had on the written mirror content. I am not saying someone cannot disagree with me, quite the opposite, I welcome intelligent discussion, not brutish exchanges over the Internet; that benefits no one.

A Fair Question…

What do I do outside of talking/writing to effect the changes I often highlight the need for? I have been asked this before and the honest answer is probably not the most resonant but here it is anyway; I hold myself accountable on a personal level. It would be hugely hypocritical to be calling for change whilst living a life below the level of integrity I am asking for. Race/Religion/Sex/Politics is unimportant in my personal interactions and rightly so; I’m a huge advocate for equal opportunities. I cut through the multitude of labels that aim to separate people to open my eyes wide enough to see the individual.

The things I look for above others are integrity and intelligence. Not just book smarts or imposed social values, the pureness of a persons thoughts and morals.

How Writing Helps Me Combat My Depression...

Respect and Guidance…

What Else Do You Do?

I go into situations with the best of intentions. The world I hope to live in, I try to see it as a real possibility. Where I can help, I do so without demanding anything in return. Sometimes it is co-signing, giving advice, using my time to speak to those in need and also making sure that I offer positivity in my immediate circles. Adding positive energy to the world as opposed to constantly withdrawing selfishly. Of course, I am an individual and there are times I need to withdraw from the universe but I work on a today for you and tomorrow for me approach. Empowering others is a rewarding experience, reminding people that they have something to offer of importance and to re-assert themselves accordingly.


It isn’t by accident that I wrote The Thought Book and then The Thought Book 2 that knowledge is mine and surely I could’ve kept it to myself. I wanted the first books accredited to my name to be in service of others. If that counts as an agenda then it most definitely is a positive one.  You are important and you definitely count.


Tell Us More…

Just my thoughts, just what I was thinking at the time…

The clothing I had designed comes from a place of reminding yourself of what I have stated above. You are important, you count and you have something of value to give the world. THE BEST IN ANYCATEGORY! I put that on the back so you can carry that confidence with you and others can see that, hopefully inspiring them too. I don’t have the resources many others do, but I try my best to put the large reservoir of positive energy I possess where others can access it. Is that enough? To me no! There is so much more I want to do and there are so many people who take offence to that. Like I should take my talent and keep it to myself. I’m here to touch people’s lives and that scares many people away.


This Isn’t An Act

I genuinely care about making the world better. How does one do that without a machine behind them? I’m still trying to work that out. What I do know, is that I really don’t care who wants to be offended by my intentions. All that matters is that I am not doing this for applause. Last week I spoke about not counting many of my awards the first couple of years. My goal was to improve the media representation of black youth in Britain especially. I will not rest until I do so and the awards do nothing to quiet that ambition. No I’m not a saviour, I’m just not willing to accept that I cannot effect change as an individual.

Why Are You Saying This Now?

Not saying I am frustrated, but I do get tired of having my intentions questioned ignorantly. Even if they don’t know me, when they do their diligence on my work, how do they honestly come back with some of the questions they ask?


My first ever Screenplay was Tree House. It was about the potential of the black youth in (Britain) particular despite the incredible odds against them. This is the story of a young black protagonist with a spine of steel in Nathan Gayle. One who shows ingenuity in response to a lack of resources and impossible odds when he might’ve been forgiven for folding under the pressure. Oh and I told the truth about the two generations before (Windrush) had to endure before this one. Windrush has since gone through a revival as a hot topic in Britain much like I predicted it would…

Black British Screenwriters

Will and Skill…

Unpopular Opinion

My first feature length screenplay was ‘Feminunity’ that was me at my most brutally honest. Do you think that was about winning people over? Even now I have people calling me into the principals office over it.


You can’t have women fighting back against tyranny!

No they should fight fire with thoughts and prayers instead (rolls eyes).


In everything I have written I tell the truth. All I get is resistance in return because apparently no one wants the truth unless it comes from the chosen few. My script predates the #METOO movement oh and wearing black as a sign of strength and unity was a major part of it too.

Women taking control of what immediately threatens them is dangerous apparently…

Brotherhood What Else Matters?

I explored the pureness of friendship among men in times of hardship. It’s a light-hearted journey that I called The Boys Are Back.  One, which explores the ways men, can help each other without calling for the others man card. A few years later the ‘Mental Health of Men’ is a huge talking point. ‘Self-care’ is now a thing and masculinity is seen as inherently toxic without reason.  This is so now it may as well had been written this week…

Happy #InternationalMensDay remember we are in this thing together!

The Boys Are Back

We Don’t Believe You, You Need More People…

I’m not Steve McQueen nor do I want to be. All due respect to you sir! Congratulations, it seems you can portray females with range and get everyone’s blessing. I portray them as having the potential to effect change on their own and I get BS feedback constantly. You get Viola Davis! It is interesting that it seems like this mysterious literary labyrinth, can only be navigated by a single black man at a time. Maybe one day it will be my time hey!

6 Years

Phase 3 BOLDER than ever…

My Turn To Ask A Question

Do I need to lie to make it? The evidence is overwhelming that authenticity is undesirable. If so no thank you! I’m going to continue to challenge that! I am serious when I say I’m very willing to die on this hill alone if need be. I’m not here to be agreeable in the name of popularity. Popularity has never mattered to me as much as being truthful anyway. TRUTHFUL FEARLESS CREATIVITY that’s what it’s always been for me…

About Jay Mullings

Multiple Award-winning Screenwriter, Author, Blogger, Film Director and Founder of Written Mirror Ltd. Jay is an ambitious but humble creative who wants to connect with audiences all over the world. Born in London but raised in Jamaica, Jay carries his experiences of both cultures and lends it to his work with his unique but authoritative voice which, he admits not seeing represented enough growing up.


I can be reached for serious comment and article contributions via email jay@writtenmirror.com if it’s a formal request. There will be no tweeting from me for the rest of the year @writtenmirror so please don’t contact me via twitter if it is urgent. Instagram @writtenmirror if need be.  For any public speaking opportunities kindly use the above mentioned communication methods.

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