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Behind The Scenes

Greetings and salutations to the ‘OG Mirrorheads’! How have you been? Did you miss me? Don’t answer that! Hello to all the newcomers, this is Jay Mullings, Director and Founder of Written Mirror Ltd. You’re definitely all safe here with me, I’m not the slip stuff in your drinks kind of creative. Too soon?

What You Want Me To Say?

I’m sorry! I left you all for a moment. In my defence, it needed to be done. Frustration was beginning to set in. My film needed music, I needed to buckle down and finish the colour grading, you know things of that nature. On the plus side, it gave me a chance to build up to this moment. You see, you’re about to be taken behind the scenes and given a first hand account of just…

What’s Going On?

There’s no need to panic, it’s nothing controversial or illegal or embarrassing! Enough of that has been going around already. Where to start? Okay ‘The JAM’ feature length documentary and my debut as a Director/Producer. The final product looks immaculate if I do say so myself. The only thing that has been a small downer is that at several junctures the release has had to change. I really wanted to drop this film in October for British Black History Month, the soundtrack was not finished therefore that made no sense. Then I thought about February for the other BHM. That was then cutting it a bit too close.


The Time Is Now!

April made a lot more sense and gave me a clear path to completion. However, my plans to ally with a very high profile distribution mechanism have stalled lately. There is virtually no worth in short noticing a film release of this kind. The Avengers movie comes out in April too, this would have had to be marketed by this point already to make sense. As of now I have a complete full cinematic 4K release and soundtrack for ‘The JAM’ but no home for it. However, don’t feel sad for me just yet. I am confident of finding a way…

Did You Say Soundtrack As Well?

Wow you have the hearing and senses of a dog patrolling a wharf! Respect! Yes I made my first official foray into songwriting and recording as Wicked Penman! I must say making music, as in the creative side, is a hell of a lot of fun! A very rewarding experience, I always had a deep love for music but being on the other side creatively was amazing! As they say in Screenwriting 101; show don’t tell! So yes, I come baring gifts…

For those of you on Spotify, I have chosen that as my main platform, mostly because it updates the fastest of the music stores. Please follow me if you already have an account, if not it is free to set one up, you just have to tolerate a few limitations on the service and music quality. You can only skip 5 songs in an hour, it plays music on a shuffle algorithm, but after the ad you can use it to listen to whatever you like. These plays are royalty eligible so you really are supporting my artistry by using this platform. There is a premium service that is ad free but you are not obligated to purchase this.

Other Platforms?

Some regions don’t have Spotify access, I am aware of this. You can find my music on all good platforms. I would say that for replay value, YouTube is a last resort if you value a musicians time and creativity. They pay the absolute worst of all royalty schemes. Oh yeah, that’s if you don’t count Soundcloud which pays nothing anyway…

Back To Spotify

You might have noticed my official artist verification tick. This as I previously mentioned, is my main platform for music. Not only is it my fastest growing audience, all my newest songs go into a nicely curated interface. There are higher levels to aspire to in terms of being assisted by the platforms algorithm and therefore, put in front of more listeners. These things take time and other factors come into play. That is a whole other post of its own. We’re staying positive today!


I came out of the blocks like Asafa and now I’m looking to up the pace on my drive phase like Bolt. What do I mean by that? The visuals! Yes! Music Videos, Photoshoots, Interviews, Live performances, Podcasts, Radio, TV and any other relevant use of my message and image! That’s the goal now. Again show don’t tell. Let me give you a peak at what I’m working with…

You Have Any More Videos?

I’m so glad you asked! Alright to keep it 100, I have two more and I’m looking to work on the next batch very soon. Especially with the weather changing for the better. Let me drop some more for you here…

The Next Stage In The Evoloution

It’s important to keep challenging yourself and adding new dimensions to your skill set. So with that being said Hard JAM was my first attempt at a visualiser lead music video. What is that? A video where the beats or frequency fluctuations make the screen react. The rings remind you of a base speaker. As for the rest of the visuals, it’s the reaction from the eyes, brain and energy you feel in a romantic setting. Yes I went there!

Now where is the proper live action music video? I can hear you saying that under your breath. This one I’m most proud of so far. Enjoy it!

Where Can We Follow You?

I really need your support on all the social media platforms. Yes we are all busy I know, but how long would it honestly take to quickly hit subscribe on something? How about to check it now and then when something new drops? Also look at it this way, most of the platforms are free to use; which means, your support and you sharing with others can actually lead to other people supporting without me ever having to ask for money (Crowdfund). The industry is a lucrative one and that’s where I would like to make my way, not off the backs of the people I am trying to inspire/encourage with my message. I sell products again as a way to give value back, it’s not to exploit anyone.

Thank You For Reading Behind The Scenes

As always much respect to all who rock with me and read the content. To those who have taken it upon themselves without being asked to share the content, major love! I do really hope to keep giving you all content of value. If I do ever fall short of this please let me know. I’m all about growth and the exploration of creativity. Enjoy the weekend when it comes and see you all again very soon!

Written Mirror Ltd

Keeping it fresh like rose water!

About Jay Mullings

Multiple Award-winning Screenwriter, 2X Author, Blogger, Film Director and Founder of Written Mirror Ltd. Jay is an ambitious but humble creative who wants to connect with audiences all over the world. Born in London but raised in Jamaica, Jay carries his experiences from both cultures and lends it to his work with his unique but authoritative voice which, he admits not seeing represented enough growing up. His music appears on Spotify as Wicked Penman and can also be found on all other music platforms…

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