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The New Year Mantra: Don’t Get Mad Get Better

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It’s 2019 and as such, I am sending out special greetings and salutations on this one! I hope all the OG Mirrorheads made it safely into the New Year.

I’ve been away for a little while but I have returned with force on all the usual platforms. Twitter is back in full force so follow @writtenmirror. For a sneak peak on what is happening with my film and me it’s the same @writtenmirror for Instagram. YouTube I am waiting for the full completion of my film before restarting my quest to over 1K subscribers, I just don’t have the processing power on this Mac to do both simultaneously, so watch out for that…

The New Year Mantra

Three cheers for the new year!

The New Year Mantra

I have taken a bit of time to myself and while it was good to stay low-key it did become a little monotonous. Not that there is anything wrong with resting, but it sort of defeats the purpose if the people you are supposed to calmly arrange things with turn out to be complete wastes of time. I put aside much of the time to complete the soundtrack for my film (THE JAM!). Low and behold it has not come to pass.

Now you may think that is down to me being a fairly new songwriter. You are actually incorrect. I have been ready to go since May of last year. In fact this delay has only made my pen that much sharper. The major delay has been in finding a producer who can do more than talk. I hate talkers, especially when they are blind to the reality that they talk even when they ought to listen…

Don’t Get Mad Get Better!

At first, this was a little shocking to me. People who complain that they have a hard time finding people who are self driven, confident and possessing a plan to work with, really ought to be a bit more proactive when that very request is fulfilled. Still all you can do is accept the change of current when it’s re-directing you to more capable professionals.

I don’t like frontrunners and I hate bandwagonists. It’s not my way to support someone just because they’re the ‘in-thing’. In fact, I have always gone out of my way to support people on the come up. Maybe this is a weakness as every time I have done so it has developed underwhelming results. Be it smaller book cover designers, freelance web designers, boutique PR and now music producers. That coffee aroma is undeniably strong…

The Solution

As someone who believes in sideways networking as opposed to primarily trying to up-network, it’s time for a new approach. I can’t simply afford to be anyone’s guinea pig or free life coach while they charge me for the honour. I only reflect positive energy and I don’t have the time anymore to remove the veil from the eyes of the self-destructive. You can release that payload elsewhere…

As my Grandparents regularly said to me, “ Wha a run from yuh mek it tan deh run gwarn!”

Translation: What seeks to show you it’s not for you let it be….

2019 Operation Improvement

The only way to your goals is to continue to develop even when the environment is unfavourable. You know, that super defiant progress. The people who wouldn’t take you seriously and those that tried to derail you will see they were both wrong. That isn’t your focus but it is a handy back up motivator…

Back To The Reasoning

The beginning of this year is of vital importance to me and I hope to you too! My advice or rallying call to you is be great regardless. Don’t for a second think you don’t have what it takes because people are blind to your enormous potential. I said this to a friend and I’ll say it here…

Positive and purposeful energy will always meet staunch opposition from negative and unambitious energy. It’s not that they have a particular reason to dislike or underrate you; it’s just that their energy is incompatible. Of course, someone who doesn’t encourage the type of progression you seek is going to find ways to annoy/delay or discourage you. We have to get better at noticing imposters along the way but without losing our brilliance. Shine bright and enter spaces fearlessly.

You’re This You Can’t Be That!

That’s the funniest part of these interactions. Here you are trying to make a change in your life, that could be physical, career or just adding a new lane. These people see someone who is fundamentally flawed. Why would you do this when you’re known as that? Now your reasons undoubtedly make for interesting conversation sure; but not when the tone of the question implies it is wrong for you to grow and expand. Staying in your lane is how you pave the way for your ambitions grave.

The Thought Book 2

For more real and raw perspectives pick up The Thought Book 2!


Test the limits of your ambitions; don’t let anybody’s words contain them. Failure will ultimately show you where is too far, too big or too soon. Even then it sets you up for bigger ambitions…

Did Jeff Bezos stop at books? Apple at computers? Dre at Music? Jay-Z at rapping? Oprah at 1 Million haha!

Exactly! These no ambition having, fake woke preaching, mouth breathers need to listen more than they talk and help more than they harm. The world would be a much better place for it…

On To The Next!

It’s okay take a breath and have a senzu! That Zenkai boost will make the rest of the journey easier. Keep learning, evolving and adapting. The only person who can stop you improving is YOU!

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