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Written Wednesday 4: Traits of Genuine People

Greetings and salutations to the OG Mirrorheads as well as the newcomers! This is most likely the last Written Mirror post for the year. We will get into that in depth later. For now allow me to present Written Wednesday 4: Traits of Genuine People…

Genuine People?

Yeah that’s right! You already know there are known knowns and there are unknown knowns; ok I won’t rehash that…

Once you’re human you’re a genuine person. I can hear the most cynical amongst us thinking aloud. That is a fair shout, but you know better than to play semantic games with me! It’s me baby! Can I live?

Double Standard

Spread love always

What exactly do I mean by genuine people? For those of you who pretend not to know any better, I’ll humour you. Genuine people are those you can always count on to keep it ‘one hunnid’ Ross voice. On a deeper note than that, they are the people who always have your best interests at heart and they do not concern themselves with attempts at manipulation of any kind.

Genuine Suckers?

No way, that’s clearly not them at all! These are people who most likely could manipulate you. They could also backstab you easily. There is no doubt they could even reveal all the personal things you’ve ever shared with them. They are definitely not suckers. Understand that they are of the finest ilk. Morals, principles, tao, commandments, whatever you want to define it as; they have it in spades. These people build they do not break. That is the type of genuine I’m talking about.

It might well be the case that you’ve been suckered in the past by an imposter. However, don’t get it twisted, the real of the real would never do that to you.


It is written…

A Rare Breed

It’s true! Genuine people seem to be in scarce supply these days. Everyone wants to worm their way into your lives and create a dependency on them. They want to be the centre of your universe and in extreme cases worshipped like Gods. These are not the traits of genuine people. As I’ve said before, they build they do not destroy. Imagine being so lost that you worship someone who is meant to be a positive influence in your life. No way! Genuine people help you to identify the realness within yourself. They encourage you to step into the light and be counted. One thing you should never be able to say about genuine people is that they make you feel less than.

Quick side note: This isn’t to say they must always agree with you. However, they should never come at you as if to say they are greater than you. You can be wrong and you can be corrected greatness lies in learning from others. Genuine people recognise that and therefore do not concern themselves with ego at a time when correction is the antidote.

More Genuine Traits

A win for you is a win that is celebrated like it was theirs. Now of course, it is entirely possible for you to be competitive as genuine people. Competition is ever present in nature and it would be disingenuous to say it has no potential to bring about the best in people; it clearly does. However, competition that is pure is about reaching the next level not about destroying one another. If you mention combat sports well, that is innate conflict but within a meritocratic structure. That means whosoever wins is usually the more deserving. It isn’t a necessity to ruin someone’s life for yours to continue.

The Code of Genuine People

They choose what is right over what is easy. Now in a society that seemingly values blind submission to diplomacy over honesty you can see what is at stake here. Telling it as it is can leave you hated. However, leaving someone to be told by a complete stranger what you already knew to be true is cowardly. Genuine people are to be celebrated not hated…

Just my thoughts, just what I was thinking at the time…

They genuinely care about you. As I’ve mentioned before it’s not about creating dependence or manipulating you. These are people who see true value in you and go about displaying that through both words and deeds. They will never deliberately lead you astray or to suffer alone. Genuine people help without conditions or secret contracts.

Take Stock of Genuine People

Ask yourself, how many people have done things for you without it being a bargain? Also ask yourself how many times have you done the same for others? If the answer to both questions gives you positive results, you are truly blessed.

Take stock for it is sad for he who knows not how to be a genuine friend and also what is it like to have genuine friends…


Respect, encouragement, support (not the same), empathy, honesty, humour and kindness are the building blocks of any friendship. One thing to add though, not all genuine people are necessarily your friends. You can meet genuine people anywhere at any time. By that I mean, you can meet them in passing or on holiday, in times of need and definitely unexpectedly. Being a genuine person makes it easier to make long lasting friendships and so being in the presence of others is always welcome. Real recognises real and genuine attracts genuine!

My stunt double is getting after it! Go team!

The Last Post For The Year

2018 has been a hugely challenging year in terms of output and plans especially. Still at this point, I want to make sure I squeeze as much as I can out of the remainder of it. That is the main reason why this is likely the last post for the year. I really need to put my all into completing my feature length documentary aka ‘THE JAM’. Written Mirror is very important to me and I like to give my all to anything released behind the name. This film needs my full attention. Hopefully this time is used to its full potential and I can return next year with some concrete plans going forwards.

In the meantime here is a little video I have made for you to help with your goals for 2019 and beyond. If you’re not already, kindly subscribe, share and even leave a comment on the videos.


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Finally wishing you all a happy holiday season, for those of you who celebrate it Merry Christmas and I look forward to touching base in the New Year.

Mic Drop

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