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Monday Mirror 4: The Revived Sleep Article

Welcome Back!

The year is winding down quicker than a downhill ski! Greetings and salutations to the OG Mirrorheads! Welcome to Written Mirror all newcomers. Today’s piece is an article that has been sourced from the archives. It was requested by a young male focussed pop culture site which rhymes with Moe but never run. Their loss is your gain! I present to you here on Mirror Monday 4: The Revived Sleep Article…


Sorry to interrupt! Instagrams IGTV is trash! I don’t like it so I’ll be sticking with YouTube for the foreseeable future. Here’s the test video I made for IGTV that would not upload…

Monday Mirror PART 3

*Quick Note*

The questions were what I was asked to respond to by the outlet. My responses are in italics. Get it? Got it? Good! Let’s do it!

Monday Mirror 4: The Revived Sleep Article

Do you find sleep (or a lack of) affects the way you think?

Yeah sure it does! I become Brandon Stark and warg into premier league footballers. Why do you think Laca and Auba have worked so seamlessly? COYG! Fun and jokes aside, I suffer from no real ‘lack’ of sleep. As for how I think, put it this way, I’m like Prime Batman 24 hours and a plan is all I need to get it popping…

Are there things you do to help your mind and body rest, instead of sleeping?

Ha-ha I see you’re asking if I inhale sage from time to time? Maybe 😉  

Just like Tony Stark there are a variety of suits of armour I can use for relaxation. I write fire on pages and tax my mind into relaxing, sometimes I read the comment section on YouTube seeing how butt-hurt some people can get relaxes me no end. Late night cruises through London, I won’t bait up the locations but I have my unique spots. Gaming often helps, but at the moment I’m avoiding Spider-man (sigh) in the hopes of staying productive. Music and different frequencies (binaural beats) are a key mood changer too. It all depends on the situation or if I even deem rest necessary at the time.

When I am being productive, (like now) typing away, the last thing I want to do is interrupt that flow. 

Embracing Your Gift

How do you put the “extra time” you have from not sleeping to use?

Honestly, I play the sims! I don’t play the sims; but you weren’t expecting that response I can tell!

I use the time to focus my mind mostly. When I’m not doing that, I’m researching, creating or plain old busy executing a plan I have previously formulated. At the moment I am busy completing my Documentary ‘The JAM’ which I filmed over the summer and also working on the soundtrack that I am producing. 

My 2019 novel ‘Year One’ is constantly on my mind too but the film must come first. Also speaking of books, I tend to sign and inscribe books (The Thought Book & The Thought Book 2) at night so I can post them the next day.

Written Wednesday 2

Elite Sleeper?

Scientists believe 1% of the population have a “short sleep disorder” that enables them to be function healthily on much less sleep. When did you start to feel like you were part of this “sleepless elite”?

After I was given the mirakuru! I’ll be serious for a moment. When I was in school (in Jamaica) I used to stay up to watch TV whether it was the X-Files, WWE, Boxing, The Simpsons, NBA Games or the like.  Next day I’d wake up go to school, play sport during lunch and then go to training after school in an endless loop. In other words I’m used to this! Giving it a name (Sleepless Elite) is the only thing that’s new…

Tips For Better Sleep

When you do need to sleep, what is your recommended tip for nodding off?

Season 2 of Luke Cage does the trick! I have been savouring it like it was the last Morley’s chicken wing. You know what I mean; I take slow bites and let the feeling wash over me. Season 2 of Luke Cage is pretty poor by the way! Morley’s is not; it’s Godly!

Okay proper tips for sleeping…

This may sound obvious but make your environment conducive to sleep. I’ve had calls from friends telling me they can’t sleep and it sounds like a rave in their background. Of course you can’t sleep you fool of a took! Turn that shaving cream down Jim Westhood!

What I hear in the background…

Assassins Creed…

Needless to say but the phone can’t be on loud with nonstop notifications. Silent mode is your friend but do not disturb is elite! Who cares if a friend is dying in a ditch somewhere? If it’s after 11PM on a work night? Get that sleep! Be like Ivan Drago, “If he dies; he dies…”

For those of you who have a bae or whatever name you call your pets; if they snore grab yourself some wax earplugs. No longer will you suffer from a lack of silence… (pun 100% intended!)

If that doesn’t suit, you could always smother them with a pillow. No not an option? Then stop complaining about having to buy the earplugs!


Relaxing scents make sense! Don’t worry, your street cred won’t get ruined if you tell the mandem that you have a lavender diffuser in your room to give you that legit REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep.

For real though, find a scent that relaxes you and get that going before powering down. If you want something longer lasting buy the essential oils and dab some on your pillow, or either of your wrists or neck. If you’re extra you can do the pillow, wrists and neck…


Now this one might be tricky for some of you. Don’t shoot the messenger; but stop with the nonsensical and highly annoying multiple alarms 40 minutes before you need to be up. Leave that bush league madness to the amateurs. Honestly you’re only making yourself more tired/angry to start the day. Losers snooze; if you snooze you lose. Leave the L’s to United fans…

One alarm 10 minutes before you need to be up is all you need. Eventually you won’t need an alarm at all. Plus once you start using my sleep tips you will never know fatigue. By the power of Grayskull YOU HAVE THA POWER! Okay showing my age there…

Confession Time

Now I am not exactly sure what made the outlet in question skittish. I was asked to write for a brand known for humour and a youthful audience. Were some of my responses over the top? Sure but, if I came at it in the usual way it might sound samey. Not sure if samey is a word but roll with it! Check this for example…


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