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That fateful day: When Jay speaks with Jay

Written Mirror Ltd

Greetings and salutations ‘Mirrorheads’! Welcome newbies! It’s been a hectic month and I’ve been suffering for it! Delays to pretty much anything and everything I have had to do this month. However, there’s still a little time left on the clock. 

Today I am going to bring you a worthy cause from a man of impeccable patience and character. Without further ado, allow me to introduce you to one of my newest but most amazing friends; his name is Jay.

Good morning Jay! How are you doing?


JM: Good morning to you too Jay! Let me explain how it works; I ask the questions around here okay?

Let’s Go!

My questions for you are:

  1. State your name and background
  2. How did you first encounter Written Mirror and what impression did it leave you with?
  3. What is your favourite thing about Written Mirror?
  4. Tell us about something you take a lot of pride in including why?
  5. What should people know about getting involved with your cause and how can they support it?
  6. Which events do you have on at the moment that relate to your cause?
  7. If you could change one thing about the internet what would it be and why?
  8. You win the lottery, all your financial commitments and necessities are taken care of; what is your first purchase including why?
  9. Is there an unwritten code between Jay’s? Do you find you always get along with your namesakes?
  10. If you could ask Written Mirror one question what would it be?

Jay: In that case, here are my answers for you sir!

Ready or Not!

JH: My name is Jay Hadley.  I am originally from Indiana but moved to Wisconsin when I met my wife.  Father of three children, 2 boys (17 and 2) and a daughter (14). Avid gamer, both XBox and board games.  I love the RPG (Role Playing Game) genre.  I tend to have a very vivid imagination and this fits right into that.

JM: Okay I think we can all agree, moving to start a family is a boss move! However you’re an XBOX man you lose a point or two for that! Death to the crap box! RPG’s are cool that’s right back to the roots of gaming right there!

Written Mirror Impressions?

JH: I first encountered Written Mirror through LinkedIn and the impression it left me was awe.  Jay Mullings is a hard-working and selfless minded gentleman who would give the shirt off his back to someone who needed it and not think twice about it.

JM: I mean thanks but don’t make me out as a saint! Just like Mike said, “My style is impetuous, my defence is impregnable…” Alright, maybe I should just take the compliment! Thank you Jay, (It’s so weird but simultaneously cool having to call someone else Jay. This brings up an important self dilemma, if I was to ever meet Jay-Z would I call him Sean just to be difficult or Hov to show respect? Anyway I digress!) I really appreciate those words. Can I interest you in a Written Mirror T-shirt for your back? Ha-ha!

JH: My favourite thing about Written Mirror is the truth in the writing.  Jay doesn’t sugar coat anything.  This is a similar resemblance to me.  I do not sugar coat anything.  He tells you exactly what is going on/how he feels without conviction

JM: Don’t gas me like this; it’s dangerous! Once again, thank you for recognising me and of course the similarity in our disposition. Life is all about being honest with yourself first. So to be yourself around others is really to be at your most honest! Can I just say, you’re handling these questions rather well, it’s almost as if someone hooked you up with the formula, (Joke) I’ve got my eyes on you from now on Mr. Hadley!

Let’s Get More In Depth…

JH: I take anything that I do with pride (both professionally and personally).  If I am just “going through the motions” to get something done I don’t feel that I gave it 100%.  Just like in video games you may defeat the final boss of a game and think that you have finished the game but this it not completely true.  Once I have achieved 100% of the achievements for the game, then I have finished or beat the game.

JM: Pride in what you attach your name to is a trait I admire immensely! The slap dash approach really boils my blood. I hear you once again on the gaming but you really don’t want to see some of these PS4 trophy lists! Ha-ha it’s a zero sum game! Tell me about your passion project.

That Fateful Day

Black and white makes anything look timeless!


JH: The fundraiser that I host annually is for my sister who was diagnosed with stage 2 Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in late 2016.  As anyone knows, a disabling disease hurts not only physically but emotionally and financially.  Since my sister is unable to work, that is where the financial hardship begins.  Sure she has insurance, but with the rising costs of premiums, doctor fees and services, it puts a massive strain on her.  This is the reason my event exists.  I raise money to help with uncovered medical costs (i.e outside of the policy) and pay the (continued) insurance premiums.  It doesn’t sound like a lot to some people, but if you ever got to meet my sister, you would understand.  She is the “too brave to ask for help” type. 

That Fateful Day

Goodies on display!

Last Year

JH: I had never seen her cry before our first outing.  She didn’t think that there were that many people that cared or who would be willing to help.  While the first year was a great fundraiser, I am hoping that this year will be even better. 

There are many ways in which anyone can support our cause.  We have hole sponsorships (you pay to sponsor a hole and a flag is designed in your honour) on the golf course.  There is also a silent auction after the day of golf and a special dinner where donations are also welcome.  You can donate just about anything to auction.  Last year we had a backyard barbecue set donated and that included: a grill, charcoal, utensils + a gift card to the local meat market.  Any donation is greatly appreciated, whether great or small.  Just the fact that someone is willing to help; shows that there are still good people in this world!

JM:  I commend you on this beautiful cause. Having 3 sisters myself it definitely resonates that if something were to happen, I wouldn’t be the type to turn a blind eye. Glad to know you’re a walking example of that. I know just the thing I wish to donate…

That Fateful Day

Was the club used to help with framing this pic?

That Fateful Day

Signed Packers Ball


JM: I have to hold my hand up, July has been a horrible month for me and I did not complete this interview in time for the event. Whilst I have sincerely apologised to John; I need to make you (the readers) aware that I am still imploring you (if you can) to donate to this cause. I will include links for contacting Jay at the bottom of the interview. Thank you to each and every one of you who decide to contribute. If you might be willing to show your friends and relatives this post that too would be amazing. 

That Fateful Day

Yep I bet this was a great source of motivation

What Else Is In The Bag?

JH: We participate in many different events such as, breast cancer walks, march of dimes events and many others.  This is our way of being able to give back to organisations  Especially, since we know how it feels and what it takes to host those fundraisers.

JM: This is what it means to be emotionally intelligent. Giving value as good as the value you receive. Keep up the extraordinary work!

That Fateful Day

Nice presentation!


JH: The internet???  If there is one thing that I could change it would probably have to be all the fake ‘shaving cream’ on there!  People use the internet for so many things and can get swayed when they read something that is completely false.

JM: Ha-ha! Fake shaving cream is everywhere! Especially on the internet! I feel you on that score…

JH: First of all you have to play the lottery to win it LOL 😁.  I have only dabbled in it once.  But if I were ever to win the lottery I guess the first purchase (and not sure I can consider this a purchase) would be to pay off any and all debt that my parents and in-laws have.  My reason for this? My parents sacrificed so much to make sure that we had everything that we needed growing up.  I want to pay that back to them!  Giving them that as a way to say THANK YOU for all that they have done for their kids.

JM: First of all we are too alike! I’ve never played the lottery, although now I think about it, I should at least try once! Paying back parents for sacrificing is a real salt of the earth answer. Nothing wrong with that at all! I know deep down there is a passion purchase you’re not telling me about but I’ll let you off the hook as that was a very charming response! Gotta respect the code!

Jay asks Jay about Jays

JH: I don’t believe that there is an unwritten code between Jay’s.  Every Jay that I have known, I have gotten along with and became friends with.  

JM: Isn’t that proving there is an unwritten code? I am definitely the same! All Jay’s are a sure fire win! I think if you’re a dick no one calls you Jay. You’d just be John or Jonathan! ROFLMAO

Now Is Your Chance, Go On Son!

6 Years

Phase 3 more BOLD and more on message…

JH: The one question I would ask Written Mirror is this.  Will you promise me that you will never change?  Words are the most powerful thing in the world, both good and bad.  You can’t change them once they are said.  If you say something to someone, there is no changing it once it leaves your lips.  You can’t backspace, erase, or delete it.  The flip side of that is this; words also have the power to heal, save and inspire people.  Staying true to yourself with what you believe in will open people’s eyes to who you really are.

JM: Damn! You’re smooth as hell! They coated you twice right? LMAO! Fun and jokes aside, I will do my best to stay true to who I am and what I will be in the future. The only change that is acceptable for me is change for the better. I promise never to change for the worse! As for how eloquent and patient you are, I hope you never change. You are an amazingly positive and sensible man with a huge heart! Thank you for opening up and sharing everything you have today.



You can reach Jay Hadley on LinkedIn using his name or via e-mail: jhadley@abccatalog.com

For donations of physical products/collectibles for auction: DeAnn Wakeley Benefit Fund, 833 Johnson St., Beloit WI 53511 USA


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  • Bexa says:

    This was really enjoyable to read, thank you Jay & Jay 😄. The fundraiser you do every year for your sister is so kind and thoughtful! I love that you would pay off your parents debts first if you ever won the lottery, so sweet! Thank you for sharing <3 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    • Jay Mullings says:

      Hey Bexa, thank you for reading and bigger props for leaving a comment. Jay is a good guy and he definitely has the foresight to be selfless even if he was to win the lotto! What would your first purchase be if you won?

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